Monday, November 28, 2005
"Dit out, dit out, dit out!"

That is what Hannah said tonight as we drove home with all of the windows down in the car. As she squealed in delight at the wind blowing her hair, she told it all the way home to, "dit out my hair, wind!"

She seems to be feeling a little bit better from her little cold...though not completely over it. So tomorrow is going to be somewhat busy for us. I am wanting to attempt Santa pictures and family Christmas pictures. Hopefully she will actually sit on Santa's lap this year. Last year, no dice! I guess Santa looks pretty freaky to a 1 1/2 year old and I wasn't willing to traumatize her for the sake of a silly picture with Santa! Easter she would only kiss the bunny on the nose. Ditto on the freaky thing. Who knows what will happen, but I will be sure to post the picture...if we get one!! In addition to that I have got to clean house because I am having some friends over Tuesday for lunch! Aaagh!

Blogger Jen had this to say:

I was just wondering around blog land and came across your site. Your dd is adorable! I love the Easter Bunny picture! :)


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