Wednesday, November 30, 2005
Hannah & Friends

Yes, I did it! I managed to get the house clean enough to have company!

For Hannah's birthday this year we got her a bounce house (mini-moonwalk) from Wal-Mart. $150.00. And let me tell you that was the best $150.00 we have spent yet! She runs around and jumps in this thing for about an hour and then crashes for two or three! We love it and would recommend one to anyone who has small children! So when our friends came over for lunch today (there were 6 kids in the house) it was only natural to get the bounce house out to entertain.

They had a blast and with the weather so dry lately, their hair stood straight in the air!

For those of you who didn't realize it yet...we never (well, hardly ever) eat dinner at home. Tonight we ate at Bennigan's. They are so nice at that restaurant...they give balloons away (balloons drive me crazy in the car and I'm not sure why). So Hannah gets a balloon, of course, and on the way home she begins to wave it about in the air. With my mom sitting right next to her. So she is smacking Maw Maw in the face with the balloon. So I told her to stop that. To which she responds matter of factly, "I just do it nicely. I just hit people nicely." Somehow, I think she missed the concept of nicely. Hmmm.

Blogger WyldJoker had this to say:

Cleaning house is quite an accomplishment. Congrats! :-) But do you have the same problem that I do. Once the company leaves, the house gets dirty again in a matter of seconds? lol. Hannah is getting SO big! How old is she now? 2?


Blogger QueenBee had this to say:

awwww...I'm so glad you live so close - I dont' need to buy one, right? I can just use yours? (you can use the pool in summer, deal?)


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