Thursday, November 24, 2005
"Tan I Help You?"

Ten Things That I Love About Hannah
(there are more but,...I couldn't possibly list all of them)
  1. She gives the best, yes the best, hugs and kisses in the entire world.
  2. She is incredibly smart! You wouldn't believe how smart she is.
  3. Her curly blonde hair that finally came in at about age 2.
  4. When she sleeps with me...she sleeps under me!
  5. She likes to eat guacamole from Chipotle (she recognizes the restaurant when we drive by it and says, "I want mockamole from dat place."
  6. She loves to go to Target and Wal-Mart.
  7. She calls herself my baby.
  8. She says, "ya'll wanna pray," at the table before we eat.
  9. She runs like a girly girl!
  10. When her daddy pretended that he was going to leave me at Target today, she said, "don't leave my mommy!" and when he told her that it would be o.k., that they would get a new one, she said, "I don't want a new one, I lub dat one!"

Tonight on the way home from eating, Hannah was in her carseat with this toy rat (don't ask me why she has a toy rat). Well, she kept putting it's tail in her mouth and I just find that gross! So I say, "Hannah, take that out of your mouth." Which she does. But I know that as soon as I turn back around, it's going right back in! So, I decided to watch her for a minute. The entire time she was looking straight at me and I know she was something else, mommy (she has told me that before)! When I didn't turn around she looked at me and I swear she said, "tan I help you?"

Anonymous Amber had this to say:

Hey Shawn The Great. I LOVE the name!!! I love the website because I get to hear about Hannah everytime I use the computer!I have downloaded some of the pictures and printed them. Love you and tell Hannah, Leighanne, and Aunt Linda that I love them! Come get me I fold clothes for FREE!


Blogger QueenBee had this to say:

That is precious!


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