Saturday, December 31, 2005
10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5...

Happy New Year!

Tonight after dinner we stopped on the way home to pick up some sparklers for Hannah. She was so excited. I tried (but didn't manage )to get her on a voice memo in the car on the way home when she kept saying, "We doein' to pway with pireworks, it'll be toe much pun!" Not to worry though, she got the don't play with these things unless mommy and daddy are with you lecture too. She had a blast (no pun intended). We even talked Leigh Anne into holding a sparkler! All we bought were 4 boxes of sparklers and 2 roman candles and Hannah loved every minute of it. After we finished Hannah's sparklers we watched the fireworks of other people in our neighborhood. Click the audio link below to hear a special New Year's message from Hannah!

this is an audio post - click to play

By the way Carol Anne, I thought of you tonight when we were doing sparklers. I know they are your favorite and I wish you could have been here to do them with us!

Friday, December 30, 2005
Mommy, Mommy, How Does Your Baby Grow?

How do they grow so fast? Seems like just yesterday that we brought Hannah home from the hospital. She was so tiny. When she was born she only weighed 5 lbs. 2 oz. and when we brought her home she weighed only 4 lbs. 10 oz. She was so small that when I carried her out of the hospital, it looked like I was just carrying a wadded up blanket. This first picture was taken the day after we got home from the hospital. You can see that the top of her head barely comes up half of the back of the swing.

Now she is so big that it is a challenge to carry her. This second picture was taken tonight. She still loves to get in her swing. But now, her feet touch the floor when she is in it and she pushes herself by grabbing the bars that hold the swing up.

After we got to our table at dinner tonight and were having chips and chile con queso Hannah says, "oh, I need a tetorra!" A what? I finally figured out that she wanted a tortilla!

Thursday, December 29, 2005
Crazy Texas Weather!

The weather here was gorgeous today! The high was 73 degrees. And since we didn't have anything specific (ie. no shopping, yeah!) to do today, I let Hannah play outside for a little while. Not something she does very often because...well, I am not an outside type of person and the weather here is insane at times. Always too hot, too cold, to wet, too something! But today...perfect for playing in the good old December!

She loves playing in the sand, but I had some convincing to do to get her to sit down. She's not a fan of getting real dirty...probably my fault! So she plays in the sand box all dainty! It's kind of fun to watch! The great thing about that is that I don't usually have to give her a bath upon exiting the sandbox. Truthfully, I usually get just as dirty as she does when she plays in there.

Today, I was home with Leigh Anne and so when we went outside she decided to go with us and sit out in the sun too. I talked her into letting me push her in the grass and putting her feet in the sandbox. At this Hannah saw the opportunity to cover Leigh Anne's feet with sand and got to work on that while I snapped away with the camera. I think one had as much fun as the other!

Here she is doing a somersault. She did one on the bed last night and loved the idea that she could turn a flip!

Ah, sweet success! Well, sorta. That's o.k. in my eyes, it was a perfect 10!

Wednesday, December 28, 2005
The Sunglasses & Ninis Might Have To Go!

This is sad, but we have run out of room for all of Hannah's toys! I know, I need to go through them and give some of the ones that she has outgrown away! Now her train set is in the entry way of our house. Well, that is a great place for it because it is out of the way and not in a back room where I can't see her when she is playing. The only problem is that the sun comes right in through the glass on the front door. So when she played with her train today Hannah decided she needed her sunglasses. Yes, she played inside with her sunglasses on. Then today I was fussing at her for putting some of her play food into her have no idea how weird it sounds to hear yourself saying to your 2 year old, "that food does not belong in your mouth!" And she stands there staring at me...with the sunglasses on! Let me just say, it is impossible to talk to her with a straight face when she is looking at you so serious with those sunglasses on! So...the sunglasses just might have to go!

If one nini is good, then surely two are better! Hannah loves her ninis and I am a bit concerned about her teeth, but I can't seem to bring myself to take them away from her. Just another step in her growing up faster than I am ready! I figure that come kindergarten, she will be embarrassed that she still has them and give them up on her own! Just kidding. Anyway, she has always done this with her ninis. Even when she was very small and just old enough to get the thing for herself. I don't recall though that I ever captured it on camera.

Just two more reasons we have to tell Hannah that the reason we laugh at her so much is because she is "toe tute".

The Tell Tale Signs Of A 2 Year Old

Just in case you were wondering...dirt sticks amazingly well to carpet that has had vaseline smeared into it! And you know who dun it by the little hand prints (in vaseline dirt) signed to the top right quarter of her finger painting masterpiece! This piece was started about 2 months ago and the artiste just recently finished her work. The value of this piece was (I stress was because the Hoover Carpet Steamer is our friend) priceless. It was one of a kind! Hopefully never to be repeated! How does she find the stuff she gets into?

The "what do yall want to eat" dilemma has been solved! As I have mentioned before, my family doesn't eat dinner at home very often and the eternal question for us is...what do yall want to eat?!?! Well, I think Hannah has solved the issue all by her own two year old little self!

Chuck E. Cheese is where we will be dining for probably the next 10 years! So, if you are looking for us and it is between about 6:00 and 9:00 PM, go to Chuck E. Cheese and that is where we will be!

Tonight we (us and Joey's dad and grandma Marlene) were trying to decide what to eat and that was Hannah's suggestion and only after we promised to take her to the new play area in the mall did she agree that we could eat somewhere else. But even still, everything we suggested after that was, "no, pobwy Marlene don't like dat pwace!" She is amazingly vocal for two! It scares me sometimes! I hate to imagine what she will say at 6 or 7!

Tonight my mom was talking to my Aunt Betty on the phone and decided that she would get off of the phone and see if she could get Hannah to go to bed. After she hung up, Hannah said, "oh, I want to talk to Aunt Betty!" So what did they do? What do you think? They called her back!

Tuesday, December 27, 2005
Myrtle, My Little Turtle

I don't know how I got lucky enough to be Hannah's mommy! But...I did and I am wild about her. She is the best little girl in the world and at times I can hardly stand it, she is so cute! My mom got her this adorable turtle outfit for Christmas at Gymboree. It has a matching purse and sunglasses to go with it. One of the crazy things about Hannah that I love is that she likes new clothes! When she opened a present for Christmas and saw that it was new clothes, she took a step back and said, "oh, new toes!" They were just pajamas, but she was thrilled with the idea that she had gotten something new to wear (don't know where she gets this from, wink wink). This morning when I was trying to coerce Hannah to get dressed, I remembered that she had gotten this outfit. So I asked her if she wanted to wear her new turtle clothes that Maw Maw got her for Christmas and she said, "yeah, I want to wear my new tortul toes!"

Can she get any cuter??

So, out with the camera!! Hope you enjoy looking at these as much as I have! I think I have looked at them 20 times since I downloaded them from the camera!!

Hannah, the movie star!

Mommy Hannah!

Little Miss Priss!

Monday, December 26, 2005
Merry Christmas!

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. 9:00 came very early for Hannah after staying up until 1:30 or 2:00. But amazingly, the sleepy head was relatively easy to rouse yesterday. When she heard that Santa had come, she got out of bed. I think she was still asleep!

Awake enough to check out the wooden train set Santa left her! You can see in the picture she is saying, "Choo Choo!"

And awake enough to see that Santa had enjoyed the cookies & milk. She said, "Oh, he ate all dose tooties, he mussa been hunry and he drink my milk too!"

Santa left Hannah a note saying what a good girl she had been this year.

More presents to open from Maw Maw, Mommy, Daddy and Aunt Leigh Anne. The present marathon continues. Hannah got so many gifts, it's insane. We definitely went overboard!

She loves all of the babies that she got. We took three of them to church yesterday, fortunately she was willing to leave two in the car! Although, that may not be teaching her well about how we care for children. Just leave 'em in the car when you don't feel like carrying them around!

After opening gifts we hurried to finish getting ready for church and went to morning worship. Lunch followed with the family. The 3 of us, my mom, sister, brother, sister-in-law, an aunt, uncle & three cousins, Joey's parents and one of his grandmas. We had a housefull!

After everyone left Hannah had still not had a nap! It was about 6:00 PM. Finally my mom called her over to sit in her lap and she crawled up in the crook of her arm and went to sleep... and I kid you not, it only took about 30 seconds...I am not exaggerating!

Milk & Cookies

Christmas Eve was wonderful. After spending a lot of the day cleaning house and wrapping gifts, our family went to church for the annual Christmas Eve service. We sang Christmas songs, heard the Real Christmas Story and had The Lord's Supper. After that we went to Joey's parents house for our traditional Christmas Eve Mexican supper and to open gifts with them. Let the present opening marathon begin. Poor Hannah wanted to play with her toys as she opened them and Joey and I knew that it was going to be a late night for us so we kind of rushed her. We had to keep telling her to hurry up and open another present.

After that we needed to pack up and head home pretty quick to assemble a wooden train table and wrap the rest of the gifts. We finally got Hannah to bed around 1:30 or 2:00 AM. Then we were up until 4:30 AM! Thank heaven for naps!!!

When we got home from Meme and Papa's house, Hannah had a bath and got dressed for bed. She is so cute in her little red night gown, her Great Maw Maw would have been proud...she loved red! Then we helped her put out cookies and milk for Santa.

After pouring the milk and putting the cookies on the plate, Hannah says, "oh, I need some tooties too" so she had a few bites of Santa's! I figured he wouldn't mind and how can I tell her that Santa likes little girls to share if he isn't willing to share his cookies with her?!?!

Have you ever read the book, "If You Give A Mouse A Cookie"? Well, it is Hannah's favorite story. She will even finish the page when you read the first line to her. Well, I happen to have the entire story memorized (that happens when your child finds their favorite story) and goes like this..."If you give a mouse a cookie, he's going to ask you for a glass of milk..." In this case...if you give Hannah a cookie, she's going to ask you for a glass of milk! Especially if it is sitting right there next to the cookies!

Not to worry though, we refilled Santa's glass and plate and he did get milk and cookies when he came to our house!

Got milk?

And that was Christmas Eve in a nutshell. We didn't get in bed until 4:30 AM. I am very tired! I am headed for bed and I will post about today...tomorrow! If that makes sense.

Saturday, December 24, 2005
As Hannah Would Say, "I'm Toe Tited!"

I wish you could see her face when she says that. It's the one where she holds her hands up, eyes are wide, she grins real big and every muscle in her body is tense!

In less than 24 hours it will be Christmas! There are about a ton of presents to be wrapped, the house needs cleaning and we (my mom and I) need to start cooking all of that food real soon if we will get it done in time for lunch Christmas Day.

Tonight we went to dinner with Joey's parents, grandma, uncle and little cousin, Mikey. Now, Hannah was with us when we bought Mikey's present and when Joey wrapped it. She knew that we had gotten him some kind of model car and I thought she knew that it was supposed to be a surprise! Apparently...she didn't. Yes, she told him what he was getting! And she didn't say it just, she must have said it ten times. "I dot you a liddle tar, Mikey!" Maybe encouraging her to tell me what her daddy got for me was a bad thing. Oops!

Hannah gets her middle name from her aunt and I think we named the child well. When Leigh Anne was about Hannah's age, she and my dad went out to buy my mom a birthday gift. My dad told Leigh Anne not to tell my mom that they had gotten her a decorative basket with fake fruit in it (it was an in thing in the 70's). Well, the first thing Leigh Anne said to my mom when they walked through the door was, "cherries mamma, cherries!"

So, I guess she was just living up to her name! Merry Christmas, Aunt Leigh Anne...and my little Hannah Leighanne!

Friday, December 23, 2005
Much Too Big...Much Too Fast!

This picture was taken in December of 2003. Hannah's first Christmas. She was 5 months old here and we were so excited about it being Hannah's first Christmas. It wasn't just that it was her first Christmas (which was special enough), but we had waited so long for this. The Christmas before I spent off of my feet for the most part. I was pregnant with her and a few weeks earlier we had thought I might miscarry. And not too long after that we weren't sure if either one of us would make it through the pregnancy and delivery. Scary times! we were celebrating the birth of Christ on our little girl's very first Christmas. I remember she played Baby Jesus in the Christmas musical at our church and our pastor said that it was the first time in history that Baby Jesus wore a pink dress and ruffle bottomed tights! She was precious, even kicked her little foot in time with the music! Life on earth couldn't possibly get any better than this! Or so we thought.

Fast forward one year to 2004. Hannah's 2nd Christmas. She was walking, talking some and she could eat turkey and dressing because by this time she was on table food. Still no hair though. That bow on the top of her head was clinging to about three strands of hair that were no longer than the width of my pinky. We thought this year she might actually kind of understand a little bit about what is happening. We put the tree up in the dining room so that perhaps it wouldn't get totally destroyed. But somehow, by about the 2nd week, the ornaments had mysteriously made their way up the tree to the higher least the ones higher than her little hands could reach. But, as the season approached I found myself getting as excited as, if not more excited than I did when I was younger. I couldn't wait for her to get to open her presents and see all of her new toys, that she might actually realize were new toys. I think she had just as much fun with the bows, paper and cards as she did with the toys though. And...when we weren't looking she only managed to open 3 or 4 gifts early that year (of course, there were plenty left). And, once again we found ourselves thinking it couldn't get any better than this.

And here we are! Today...not even 3 days left until her 3rd Christmas. Sometimes it breaks my heart to think about how fast the time has gone by! I am so excited about Christmas that I can hardly stand it, but part of me wants to freeze this moment in time and savor it forever! Because I know it will be all too soon that she is celebrating her baby's first Christmases.

This year, she knows that Christmas is coming and that it's Jesus' birthday. She knows that she is going to get presents and that everyone else is too. She keeps saying how "tited" she'll be and how she will lub it! She helped decorate the tree and we've driven around to look at lights 10 or more times. She actually sat on Santa's lap and went to Christmas parties. We had to shop for her without her this year!

My little girl is getting much too big...much too fast! All I want for Christmas is a book to put on her head!

Thursday, December 22, 2005
You Just Wait, Cindy! Christmas IS Coming To The Goehring House!

Today Hannah, Joey and I went to my cousin Cindy's house. She had a Christmas gift for Hannah and asked us to stop by so she could give it to her. Make-up. No, not the plastic kind, the real kind that she can actually put on! And apparently I inspired this gift by writing about Hannah getting into my make-up and nail polish on this blog! Hannah was thrilled about this gift. So...I did what any appreciative parent would do when their child received a gift that they really liked! I let her play with it at Cindy's house first. Of course I was hoping that she would lose interest in this gift quickly. Why doesn't it work that way???

And to think that about a month ago, I gave Cindy a nice gift! Well Cindy...just wait...your kids will get Christmas gifts too! Let me think about a list for them...drums or any other musical or loud toy, playdough, fingerpaint, squirt guns, hmmm maybe a science experiment kit?? We'll see!

On a serious note: Thank you, Cindy. For the gift and inspiration for today's post! It was very sweet of you to think of Hannah and she has enjoyed the make-up. But sadly...Joey will do one of his magic tricks tonight and the gift will have mysteriously disappeared while the little lamb sleeps! Oh yeah, and next year for Christmas she would like a new rug for the bathroom! Just kidding, I think it will wash out!

Wednesday, December 21, 2005
To Wake Or Not To Wake

Well, it is 9:30 AM and I know that I should be in there rousing my sleepy headed little girl. Augh, the dilemma. She is so sweet when she is sleeping. Of course, she really is sweet all the time, but doesn't this look like the perfect angel? And she actually has hair now to get messed up when she sleeps.

I guess the answer to whether I will let her sleep or not is...I will for now. I have to get ready still so her zzz's are safe for now. I, at least, need to get my shower before she wakes up.

So, according to my cousin Jeremy's clock we now have 3 days, some 14+ hours left to shop for Christmas. EEEeee! The pressure! Actually, we are almost done, just a couple things left to purchase. But makes me a bit nervous to think that is all the time we have left to shop.

But...with that said I hope that in some crazy way this Christmas season, Hannah has gotten a message about Christmas. Even in the middle of our frenzied shopping adventures that it's not just about shopping and buying presents for people or sitting on Santa Clause's lap and having her picture taken, going to lots of parties and putting up a tree with lights and toys on it in our living room. It's not even about how much we love her and want her to have anything and everything her little heart desires. I hope that she has gotten a little bit of the message of Christ and how much her Heavenly Father loves her...enough to send His perfect Son into the world and save her from the sins that she has already and hasn't yet committed. I know that she is only 2 but, I hope that she sees a glimpse that the only reason we can even think of peace on earth and good will to men is because of the hope that has been given to us through Christ.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005
Shop 'Til You Drop... exactly what we did today. Are we done? No! Augh the frustration! Maw Maw, Meme and Papa are the hardest people on earth to shop for. Help us, please! We know you don't want us to buy anything for you, but we want to buy something for you! Otherwise, how will we feel right about accepting all the things we want you to buy for us????

On the finer art of shopping with a 2 year old all day:

It isn't's disturbing.

The shopping cart and stroller are not Hannah's friends. She is like every other curious 2 year old and would love to be able to roam the store uninhibited by a stroller, mine or Joey's hand or the harness. Yes...we have one...and it usually works pretty well because she feels a lot more free than she actually is. But, in the madness today...I didn't want to run the risk of her getting stepped on or snatched. So, I figured the best place for her was in the stroller or shopping cart.

She couldn't have disagreed more!

The first tantrum of the day was in Bed, Bath & Beyond. You have no idea how humiliating it is to be standing there trying to force feed an uncooperative 2 year old to the shopping cart. Stiff legs and all. It feels as if every person in the store is staring at you as if to say, "why don't you just leave the child at home." Second tantrum...Sam's (note the face of disgust below). Third, and by far the worst, Toys R Us!

Well, after 3 prizes (for finally agreeing to sit in the shopping cart) and about 10 stores we'd had enough. is amazing to me how quickly the pain of being detained in a cart passes when your parents turn on the magical charm of bribery!

Upon returning home the wrapping of the gifts began. Hannah thought this looked like fun and decided she needed to help. She wasn't content when the gifts we had bought today were all wrapped so she wrapped her daddy too!

Thankfully for him, she forgot to tape!!

Monday, December 19, 2005
Sweet Sounds Of A 2 Year Old

Having a 2 year old in the house can be a noisy thing at times. Now...I am not a big fan of noise (I'm sure my husband will attest), but I love hearing Hannah. Those of you who know our whole story, know that I waited a long time to hear those noises. There were times when I wondered if I would ever have those noises in my home. Now I do...and I wonder how I ever lived without them.

This morning I was getting ready to finish up our Christmas shopping and one of the things I had to do before we left was check our bank account online to see how much more shopping we (or our checkbook) can handle!! Augh...not good. Anyway, as I was doing this, Hannah sat beside me at her little table coloring. That's when I heard one of the sweetest things a mother could hear. She was singing. And not just singing any song...she was singing Jesus Loves Me. And...I actually had my cell phone sitting next to me and was able to record her on a voice memo. Click the button below and listen to the most precious little girl singing the most precious little song. Sigh!

this is an audio post - click to play

Sunday, December 18, 2005
I Tan't!

Sorry there aren't any pictures on today's post. I am exhausted and don't have the energy to find one. Tonight as we drove home from picking Hannah up from the babysitters (Meme and Papa), Hannah wanted to call Maw Maw on the phone. The first thing she said to her was, "I toming home, are you toe happy?!?!"

One of the hardest things that I have found about being a parent is how persistent you have to be with a two year old. Now Hannah hasn't really had a problem with the terrible 2's, at least not to the extent that some children (or should I say some parents) do. Not to say that she is a perfect angel all the time...she has her moments, but for the most part she is really good and has always been a pleasant and happy child. With that said...I am trying to get her to pick her toys up when she is done with them. Now stop, all of you experienced parents out there...I can hear you laughing at me. Saying, "that will never happen!" But I hope she will eventually get to a point where she will at least pick them up when I ask her to (the first time, not the fifth). So...tonight I asked Hannah to pick up some stickers that she had drug out earlier and then left in the floor. Her response..."I tan't, tause I have to do dis," pointing to another toy that was calling her name!

Believe it or's only 10:35 PM and Hannah is in bed...she's jumping on it, but she is there!

Heaven help me!!

Friday, December 16, 2005
Reading, Writing and Cutting

I don't know where Hannah got her reading fancy, but even when she was very small I could sit down with her and read a book to her. She would listen like she understood every word and it was the best story in the world. She still likes to be read to but she also likes to look at books on her own and "read" them by herself. Her stories are so interesting. They usually go something like this, "and she want do to toyz usz and walmart. An wasabundino oh no no no. Ha Ha. oh wajabidi Oh yea yea yea, I'll be toe tited!" I love it. Her songs and conversations on the phone are somewhat similar.

Today was a busy day. We had tons of errands to run, one of which was going to Wal-mart. I was out of conditioner and we also needed to buy some school supplies to take to a Christmas party on Saturday for a mission school in Africa. One of the items we purchased was some scissors. Well, Hannah decided she needed some too. Since she was being a good girl and sitting in the cart (I had promised a prize if she would) I agreed, but told her she would only be able to use them if Mommy or Daddy were with her. "Otay!" So she got her first pair of blunt end safety scissors! Terrible scissors, I must say. Well, tonight she remembered that she had gotten them and wanted to give them a whirl. So I told her how to carry them safely and that she could only cut things we gave her to cut etc. She did pretty good with them but I think she decided, there must be a better way!

Tonight at dinner I asked Hannah, "why do we laugh at you so much?" Her reply..."tause I toe tute."

Thursday, December 15, 2005
Hannah's Clock Gone Wrong

Well, it is 1:45 in the morning and my child just went down for the night! Or morning, which is it? Augh...something is not right here and something must be done about this schedule mishap that is occurring in our home. The child wakes up at 11:00 in the morning (yes, in the morning I consider this a blessing), takes a nap at 5:00 in the evening and wants to jump on the bed until 2:00 in the morning. Now I'm not saying I want her to go to bed at 8:00 or anything ridiculous like that, but come 10 or 10:30 I would like for her to be settling in.

She was not happy tonight when I told her that she was laying down and that was it. And what is amazing to me is that she tries every ploy to stay out of the bed (she's 2 for cryin' out loud, are they born with the power of manipulation?). She needs to go potty (potty training in session, how can I say no, you can just go in your diaper?), she is hungry (I can't tell my hungry 2 yr. old to just go to bed). Augh!!! The bad thing about this is that I have a hard time waking her up in the morning because I am so not a morning person. I love to sleep in. Granted I don't usually get to sleep until 11 AM. But I ain't gonna lie, if given the opportunity, I will. What to do??? I dunno, honestly, we will probably face the same situation tomorrow...and the next day and so on. Until kindergarten anyway. Maybe, but I don't want to even go there. Not a day I am looking forward to! It makes me sad just thinking about it! Maybe they will cancel kindergarten that year!

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