Monday, December 12, 2005
7 things

Well apparently, I've been tagged. I guess this is something bloggers do to other bloggers for "fun." I find it pure torment so, thank you Cindy.

Now I get to list seven things on seven things:

Seven things to do before I die:

See my child accept Christ and grow in her relationship with Him.
Potty Train Hannah and get rid of that ni-ni thing that she holds so dear!
Go to Boston in the fall.
See my husband become Dr. Joey. More school, augh! I know a lot of you are thinking that I must be smokin' something!
Have lunch with Sandi Patti! Haha! It would be fun though!
Have more kids (doesn't hurt to dream)
Get skinny again! Ditto, Cindy. Hopefully a long time before I die so that I can enjoy being skinny.
But really, the only one that matters is the first one!

Seven things I can not (or will not) do:

Lose my salvation.
Balance my checkbook (I absolutely detest this chore!)
Go near large animals (I'm talkin' donkeys, elephants, zebras, giraffes here and I know there is a name for this phobia)
Drugs or alcohol ('cause it would probably kill me, oh yeah and it's just wrong)
Run (again, it would probably kill me)
Cindy, forget men's underwear, I wouldn't model any underwear
Eat frog legs, snails, fish eggs. Even if they do taste like chicken. If I want chicken, I'll eat chicken thank you!

Seven things that attract me to my spouse:

His first love is not me. It's God.
He straightens the sheets and covers on our un-made bed every night before I get in there.
He loves Hannah and she loves him.
He's makes me laugh...constantly.
He is brilliant.
He doesn't mind that I'm a terrible housekeeper!
He is just...Joey!

Seven things I say most often:

Hannah, you're my favorite girl!
Be careful!
Stop it!
My husband would argue that I say, "huh" a lot!
Oh my goodness!

Seven books (or series) I love:

I don't like reading
I don't like reading
I don't like reading
I don't like reading
I don't like reading
I don't like reading
I don't like reading! did ya get that?

Seven movies I watch over and over again (or would if I had the time):

Father of the Bride I
Father of the Bride II
Pinnochio (well, Hannah likes this one)
Annie (Hannah's again)
Steel Magnolias
I used to watch Encino Man a lot (especially with my Pastor's kids, they loved that movie! It is a great movie.)

Seven people I want to join in too:

I wish I knew 7 people who blogged! I might would continue the torment!

Blogger michelle had this to say:

you are so funny. I loved the large animal comment. made me laugh outloud. remind me not to take you to the zoo.


Blogger Christie had this to say:

Shawn it is so sweet the lovee you and Joey have. I wish Joe would straighten our sheets for me. Thats so sweet.


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