Saturday, December 24, 2005
As Hannah Would Say, "I'm Toe Tited!"

I wish you could see her face when she says that. It's the one where she holds her hands up, eyes are wide, she grins real big and every muscle in her body is tense!

In less than 24 hours it will be Christmas! There are about a ton of presents to be wrapped, the house needs cleaning and we (my mom and I) need to start cooking all of that food real soon if we will get it done in time for lunch Christmas Day.

Tonight we went to dinner with Joey's parents, grandma, uncle and little cousin, Mikey. Now, Hannah was with us when we bought Mikey's present and when Joey wrapped it. She knew that we had gotten him some kind of model car and I thought she knew that it was supposed to be a surprise! Apparently...she didn't. Yes, she told him what he was getting! And she didn't say it just, she must have said it ten times. "I dot you a liddle tar, Mikey!" Maybe encouraging her to tell me what her daddy got for me was a bad thing. Oops!

Hannah gets her middle name from her aunt and I think we named the child well. When Leigh Anne was about Hannah's age, she and my dad went out to buy my mom a birthday gift. My dad told Leigh Anne not to tell my mom that they had gotten her a decorative basket with fake fruit in it (it was an in thing in the 70's). Well, the first thing Leigh Anne said to my mom when they walked through the door was, "cherries mamma, cherries!"

So, I guess she was just living up to her name! Merry Christmas, Aunt Leigh Anne...and my little Hannah Leighanne!

Anonymous Nicole had this to say:

That is a great picture of Leigh Anne and Hannah.


Anonymous Anonymous had this to say:

Merry Christmas you guys!


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