Thursday, December 29, 2005
Crazy Texas Weather!

The weather here was gorgeous today! The high was 73 degrees. And since we didn't have anything specific (ie. no shopping, yeah!) to do today, I let Hannah play outside for a little while. Not something she does very often because...well, I am not an outside type of person and the weather here is insane at times. Always too hot, too cold, to wet, too something! But today...perfect for playing in the good old December!

She loves playing in the sand, but I had some convincing to do to get her to sit down. She's not a fan of getting real dirty...probably my fault! So she plays in the sand box all dainty! It's kind of fun to watch! The great thing about that is that I don't usually have to give her a bath upon exiting the sandbox. Truthfully, I usually get just as dirty as she does when she plays in there.

Today, I was home with Leigh Anne and so when we went outside she decided to go with us and sit out in the sun too. I talked her into letting me push her in the grass and putting her feet in the sandbox. At this Hannah saw the opportunity to cover Leigh Anne's feet with sand and got to work on that while I snapped away with the camera. I think one had as much fun as the other!

Here she is doing a somersault. She did one on the bed last night and loved the idea that she could turn a flip!

Ah, sweet success! Well, sorta. That's o.k. in my eyes, it was a perfect 10!

Blogger QueenBee had this to say:

Leigh Anne, your feet look great covered in sand! Hannah, you did such a great job!


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