Wednesday, December 07, 2005
Happy Birthday, Maw Maw!

Today is Maw Maw's birthday! Hannah and I have been shopping for two days trying to find something for her. Augh, the frustration!! We did have fun, shopping so much, unproductive as it was. And we actually managed to find her a couple of things, but it was not an easy task!
When I asked Hannah if she knew who's birthday was on Wednesday, she said, "it's Jesus' birthday?" We've been talking about that some lately. But, I told her that it was going to be Maw Maw's, she said, "oh, and mine's too? I'll be so tited!" When I told her we were going shopping to find a present for Maw Maw she said, "oh, and me one too?" Needless to say, she got a prize too!
So in Maw Maw's honor, a few pictures of her and Hannah! The first one was taken on Hannah's BIRTHday. I remember, my mom stayed at the hospital the night they started my induction...and slept on the floor with a few of the couch cushions. I understood why & knew I would have done the same thing, the next day when Hannah was born. This next one is Maw Maw with Hannah when she was crocheting an afgan for Hannah for her first Christmas. The amazing thing is that now Hannah crochets all by herself! Wink, wink!
This last picture was taken at Hannah's 2nd birthday. Hannah had gotten silly string earlier that day and she and Maw Maw were up to no good!

Now in the "Fan Mail" section I need everyone to click and post a Happy Birthday message! Come on, it'll be fun and you can read what everyone says too.

Happy Birthday, Mom! I hope it's great!

Anonymous Betty had this to say:

To a GREAT person - I hope you have a very special day. I love you. It is really hard to believe that you are as old as you are. Sorry, I couldn't resist. Leave work early, better yet, stay home and enjoy the day.


Anonymous Anonymous had this to say:

Happy Birthday to YOU! Happy Birthday too YOU! Happy Birthday Aunt Linda! Happy Birthday TOOOOOOOOOO YOU!!!! you don't look THAT old. Mom looks way way way way way older then you.!. I guess that's because she has alot more grey hair then you do. Happy birthday to my favorite Aunt!

Ps:: Should I send you my Christmas list since I will now be disowned by mom? ;-)


Blogger QueenBee had this to say:

Happy Birthday, AUnt Linda! I hope you have a SUPER day. I'm sure Shawn will cook a wonderful dinner for you tonight - what time should I come over? Betty IS older, right? ;)


Anonymous Anonymous had this to say:

Happy Birthday G'ma,

Hope you have and are having a great day. May the Lord bless you for your faithfulness. You have many wonderful names, but the greatest is G'ma. Happy Birthday!

The Sostarich Family


Anonymous Amber had this to say:

Happy Birthday Aunt Linda! I love you so much! Wish I could tell you in person! Love ya!


Anonymous Anonymous had this to say:

Happy Birthday, late! It's easy to see why that little girl is so delightful. Her heritage is so rich!
Have a wonderful year!
Carol Anne


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