Thursday, December 08, 2005
Miss Chevious, aka Hannah

I know that my parenting skills may not the best in the world. People may argue that co-sleeping is unhealthy yet I still let Hannah sleep with us (I love it), some may say that I am going to make her obsessive because I am so picky about how clean she is and how well matched her clothes are or that I'm over protective because I am extremely particular about who babysits. In fact I just really prefer she be with me 24/7. I'm o.k. with that. I don't even really crave me time too much. But one thing Hannah still manages to do is get into stuff. Nothing in particular every time, but particularly everything all the time. I mean 2 seconds and she's into it. I tend to think that is because she is so smart. Others may tend to think that I'm just not watching her, but my daughter is very well supervised...o.k. I'll give you most of the time! Tonight she got quiet again and as soon as I realized it was so quiet, I went to check! And she looks so sweet sitting there in the floor! My child, goodness, I love her! And yes, Hannah, you look very pritty!

Blogger QueenBee had this to say:

That's hilarious! I love seeing all these pictures of Hannah. I wish you guys would come and visit me - she'd love the playroom. So, when you find the time, pack your bags and travel the 3 whole miles to my house!


Anonymous Betty had this to say:

These are just too cute. I am so glad that you guys are doing this. It lets me see how Hannah is growing even though I live 10 hours away. Thanks for sharing your precious daughter!


Blogger michelle had this to say:

Too cute. Thanks for sharing. She is adorable!


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