Wednesday, December 14, 2005
Move Over Polly Darton, You Ain't Got Nothin' On Hannah!

Hannah's room is right across the hall from my bathroom. Which is very convenient for me because she is usually content to play in there while I get ready each day. Today was no exception. She has a piano that has a microphone hooked to it and she loves playing with this toy. I think it's because it has a volume control and she knows how to work it. She is like me...she likes her accompaniment very loud! The thing is that when the piano is turned up full blast...the mic is as well! I got ready this morning I knew she was in there playing with this particular toy (I think the whole neighborhood did) but, when I actually looked at her I realized she had her cowgirl boots on. It was so cute I had to laugh and grab the camera. Notice in this shot how she even has her finger in her ear as if she's trying to find the right pitch!!

I know that one day she will not be as amused by her picture taking, bloggin' momma but as for me I'm lovin' every minute of it.

Blogger WyldJoker had this to say:

How cute is that! Anna does stuff like that too, she LOVES to dress up and play "Drive Thru McDonalds" with an old kitchen set. Little does she know of her gift from Santa this year. A true Drive Thru window. lol..

BTW, Keep blogging. It's like a cyber scrapbook that you'll get to enjoy later if you do print-outs.


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