Friday, December 23, 2005
Much Too Big...Much Too Fast!

This picture was taken in December of 2003. Hannah's first Christmas. She was 5 months old here and we were so excited about it being Hannah's first Christmas. It wasn't just that it was her first Christmas (which was special enough), but we had waited so long for this. The Christmas before I spent off of my feet for the most part. I was pregnant with her and a few weeks earlier we had thought I might miscarry. And not too long after that we weren't sure if either one of us would make it through the pregnancy and delivery. Scary times! we were celebrating the birth of Christ on our little girl's very first Christmas. I remember she played Baby Jesus in the Christmas musical at our church and our pastor said that it was the first time in history that Baby Jesus wore a pink dress and ruffle bottomed tights! She was precious, even kicked her little foot in time with the music! Life on earth couldn't possibly get any better than this! Or so we thought.

Fast forward one year to 2004. Hannah's 2nd Christmas. She was walking, talking some and she could eat turkey and dressing because by this time she was on table food. Still no hair though. That bow on the top of her head was clinging to about three strands of hair that were no longer than the width of my pinky. We thought this year she might actually kind of understand a little bit about what is happening. We put the tree up in the dining room so that perhaps it wouldn't get totally destroyed. But somehow, by about the 2nd week, the ornaments had mysteriously made their way up the tree to the higher least the ones higher than her little hands could reach. But, as the season approached I found myself getting as excited as, if not more excited than I did when I was younger. I couldn't wait for her to get to open her presents and see all of her new toys, that she might actually realize were new toys. I think she had just as much fun with the bows, paper and cards as she did with the toys though. And...when we weren't looking she only managed to open 3 or 4 gifts early that year (of course, there were plenty left). And, once again we found ourselves thinking it couldn't get any better than this.

And here we are! Today...not even 3 days left until her 3rd Christmas. Sometimes it breaks my heart to think about how fast the time has gone by! I am so excited about Christmas that I can hardly stand it, but part of me wants to freeze this moment in time and savor it forever! Because I know it will be all too soon that she is celebrating her baby's first Christmases.

This year, she knows that Christmas is coming and that it's Jesus' birthday. She knows that she is going to get presents and that everyone else is too. She keeps saying how "tited" she'll be and how she will lub it! She helped decorate the tree and we've driven around to look at lights 10 or more times. She actually sat on Santa's lap and went to Christmas parties. We had to shop for her without her this year!

My little girl is getting much too big...much too fast! All I want for Christmas is a book to put on her head!

Anonymous Nicole had this to say:

Shawn, that was a sweet post. Its amazing how much she has grown and look at all the cute little curls she has this year. :-) She truly is your miracle. Enjoy yet another Christmas with your miracle daughter.


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