Sunday, December 04, 2005
A Picture For You!

Here is a picture from Hannah, to you! She drew this tonight after I told her I would put it on the computer if she drew it. When she saw it on the screen after I had scanned it she said, "oh wow, it on de pewter!"

Speaking of of the things I love about this blog is that doing it forces me to take pictures of her and write down the cute things she does everyday...well, almost everyday. So, I guess I've been taking more than the usual number of pictures of her lately and I think she might just have had enough. Tonight I sat down to play Lincoln Logs with her and I thought I would take a few pictures of her while we played. She was not impressed. She kept telling me not to take her picture, "put de tamera down, mommy, just play with me." What was I to do? I took a few pictures, trying my hardest to get her to make the disgusted face again, then put the camera down and played Lincoln Logs with her. So here are a couple of cute pictures I did manage to get of her tonight. Enjoy!

Anonymous Anonymous had this to say:

Hannah is quite the artist. Someday she'll be famouse for that drawing. You should frame it and hang it on the wall. :-)


Anonymous Amber had this to say:

Tell Hannah that her picture is beautiful! She is very talented for two!! Love ya'll!


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