Friday, December 16, 2005
Reading, Writing and Cutting

I don't know where Hannah got her reading fancy, but even when she was very small I could sit down with her and read a book to her. She would listen like she understood every word and it was the best story in the world. She still likes to be read to but she also likes to look at books on her own and "read" them by herself. Her stories are so interesting. They usually go something like this, "and she want do to toyz usz and walmart. An wasabundino oh no no no. Ha Ha. oh wajabidi Oh yea yea yea, I'll be toe tited!" I love it. Her songs and conversations on the phone are somewhat similar.

Today was a busy day. We had tons of errands to run, one of which was going to Wal-mart. I was out of conditioner and we also needed to buy some school supplies to take to a Christmas party on Saturday for a mission school in Africa. One of the items we purchased was some scissors. Well, Hannah decided she needed some too. Since she was being a good girl and sitting in the cart (I had promised a prize if she would) I agreed, but told her she would only be able to use them if Mommy or Daddy were with her. "Otay!" So she got her first pair of blunt end safety scissors! Terrible scissors, I must say. Well, tonight she remembered that she had gotten them and wanted to give them a whirl. So I told her how to carry them safely and that she could only cut things we gave her to cut etc. She did pretty good with them but I think she decided, there must be a better way!

Tonight at dinner I asked Hannah, "why do we laugh at you so much?" Her reply..."tause I toe tute."


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