Wednesday, December 28, 2005
The Sunglasses & Ninis Might Have To Go!

This is sad, but we have run out of room for all of Hannah's toys! I know, I need to go through them and give some of the ones that she has outgrown away! Now her train set is in the entry way of our house. Well, that is a great place for it because it is out of the way and not in a back room where I can't see her when she is playing. The only problem is that the sun comes right in through the glass on the front door. So when she played with her train today Hannah decided she needed her sunglasses. Yes, she played inside with her sunglasses on. Then today I was fussing at her for putting some of her play food into her have no idea how weird it sounds to hear yourself saying to your 2 year old, "that food does not belong in your mouth!" And she stands there staring at me...with the sunglasses on! Let me just say, it is impossible to talk to her with a straight face when she is looking at you so serious with those sunglasses on! So...the sunglasses just might have to go!

If one nini is good, then surely two are better! Hannah loves her ninis and I am a bit concerned about her teeth, but I can't seem to bring myself to take them away from her. Just another step in her growing up faster than I am ready! I figure that come kindergarten, she will be embarrassed that she still has them and give them up on her own! Just kidding. Anyway, she has always done this with her ninis. Even when she was very small and just old enough to get the thing for herself. I don't recall though that I ever captured it on camera.

Just two more reasons we have to tell Hannah that the reason we laugh at her so much is because she is "toe tute".


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