Wednesday, December 28, 2005
The Tell Tale Signs Of A 2 Year Old

Just in case you were wondering...dirt sticks amazingly well to carpet that has had vaseline smeared into it! And you know who dun it by the little hand prints (in vaseline dirt) signed to the top right quarter of her finger painting masterpiece! This piece was started about 2 months ago and the artiste just recently finished her work. The value of this piece was (I stress was because the Hoover Carpet Steamer is our friend) priceless. It was one of a kind! Hopefully never to be repeated! How does she find the stuff she gets into?

The "what do yall want to eat" dilemma has been solved! As I have mentioned before, my family doesn't eat dinner at home very often and the eternal question for us is...what do yall want to eat?!?! Well, I think Hannah has solved the issue all by her own two year old little self!

Chuck E. Cheese is where we will be dining for probably the next 10 years! So, if you are looking for us and it is between about 6:00 and 9:00 PM, go to Chuck E. Cheese and that is where we will be!

Tonight we (us and Joey's dad and grandma Marlene) were trying to decide what to eat and that was Hannah's suggestion and only after we promised to take her to the new play area in the mall did she agree that we could eat somewhere else. But even still, everything we suggested after that was, "no, pobwy Marlene don't like dat pwace!" She is amazingly vocal for two! It scares me sometimes! I hate to imagine what she will say at 6 or 7!

Tonight my mom was talking to my Aunt Betty on the phone and decided that she would get off of the phone and see if she could get Hannah to go to bed. After she hung up, Hannah said, "oh, I want to talk to Aunt Betty!" So what did they do? What do you think? They called her back!


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