Wednesday, December 21, 2005
To Wake Or Not To Wake

Well, it is 9:30 AM and I know that I should be in there rousing my sleepy headed little girl. Augh, the dilemma. She is so sweet when she is sleeping. Of course, she really is sweet all the time, but doesn't this look like the perfect angel? And she actually has hair now to get messed up when she sleeps.

I guess the answer to whether I will let her sleep or not is...I will for now. I have to get ready still so her zzz's are safe for now. I, at least, need to get my shower before she wakes up.

So, according to my cousin Jeremy's clock we now have 3 days, some 14+ hours left to shop for Christmas. EEEeee! The pressure! Actually, we are almost done, just a couple things left to purchase. But makes me a bit nervous to think that is all the time we have left to shop.

But...with that said I hope that in some crazy way this Christmas season, Hannah has gotten a message about Christmas. Even in the middle of our frenzied shopping adventures that it's not just about shopping and buying presents for people or sitting on Santa Clause's lap and having her picture taken, going to lots of parties and putting up a tree with lights and toys on it in our living room. It's not even about how much we love her and want her to have anything and everything her little heart desires. I hope that she has gotten a little bit of the message of Christ and how much her Heavenly Father loves her...enough to send His perfect Son into the world and save her from the sins that she has already and hasn't yet committed. I know that she is only 2 but, I hope that she sees a glimpse that the only reason we can even think of peace on earth and good will to men is because of the hope that has been given to us through Christ.

Blogger WyldJoker had this to say:

LOL! Their always angels while sleeping... it's while they're awake that you've got to be on your guard. ;-)

PS:: I'v ebeen told my clocks are causing some anxiety oh well.. that's what psychologists are for..


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