Tuesday, January 31, 2006
Getting Better & Happy Birthday, Leigh Anne!

Well, for those of you who were wondering where we have been the last week or so...we have been super sick! But...we are beginning to feel a little bit better. I will post more soon on what Hannah has been up to. Keep us in your prayers as we are still on the mend. What started with Joey went through me, Hannah and is now at work on my mom but, she went to the doctor today and now has medicine. Pray, pray, pray that Leigh Anne doesn't get it. It is the last thing she needs and we are tired of being sick!

Speaking of Leigh Anne...tomorrow is her birthday! Here are a few photos of her with Hannah in her honor! Happy Birthday, Leigh Anne...you'll always be my OLDER sister!!!
These first pictures are of Hannah and Leigh Anne when Hannah was first born. I remember, Leigh Anne was the first person that I told that I was pregnant. She was so excited. We told both of our parents the next day at lunch after church and Leigh Anne was at home. When my mom walked in the door after lunch, Leigh Anne said "She told me first!" Before my mom even had a chance to tell her that I had told her at lunch. Leigh Anne just laughed!

This is just a random picture that I had of Hannah and Leigh Anne that I thought was good.

This last picture is one where Leigh Anne is blowing on Hannah's feet. As soon as Hannah yanks her socks off she sticks her feet up in Leigh Anne's face for her to blow them cool! She still will do it today and the funny thing is, Leigh Anne always blows Hannah's feet! Hannah just laughs and Leigh Anne follows suit!

Wednesday, January 25, 2006
The Great Weigh Down~Er, Up For Hannah

Can you tell what we have been obsessed with since the New Year? I have been working on my weight (which needs some serious help!) and I think Hannah has seen me weighing myself everyday! When she gets on the scales she says, "tew, fwee, pour, pibe, sis! Yay!" Not exactly the response I give when I get on the scale. I never...NEVER say, "yay!" And...I would NEVER say a number out loud!!! So, according to our scales Hannah now weighs 24 lbs. Now what is funny about that is that there is a 6 month old at our church who weighs 19 lbs.! Either she is a skinny mini (probably the case) or he is a chunky monkey (also a possibility!).

Another successful day with potty training! Only two accidents today. That is success compared to when we tried a few months ago. After about the fifth time of getting my leg wet on...I gave up and decided she wasn't ready!

Serious Potty Training In Session ~ Day 4

So...since Saturday, we have been working hard on potty training. Today...well actually yesterday since it's now 1:00 AM... was the 4th day that Hannah went almost the whole day without a diaper (with the exception of naptime and after her bath for bedtime). And...only 1 pair of wet big girl panties today. Same with yesterday. I think we might actually conquer this potty thing. I'm not so worried about when she sleeps. But, I think it would be great if we cut our diaper bill down to less than 1/4 of what it is now!

Sunday night at church I noticed Hannah had a big wet spot on her jeans and the next thing I hear coming out of her mouth is, "oh, I tokin' wet!" It never ceases to amaze me what she picks up...and repeats! We really have to watch what we say...not that we would ever say anything bad! *wink wink*

Tuesday, January 24, 2006
Hallelujah, She Wants Fruits & Vegetables For Breakfast!

PopCORN and a STRAWBERRY KIWI juice box is what Hannah woke up wanting for breakfast this morning. So what is a mother who wants nothing but the best for her child to do? She caves. For today anyway. So she'll have junk food for one meal...we'll aim for something better for lunch! Mac 'N Cheese perhaps!

This morning when Hannah woke up she began the day by jumping on our bed and having a Praise & Worship service of her own! I don't know how my child became so charismatic...not that it is a bad thing to be charismatic...but, I come from a background of Southern Baptists! We praise the Lord in our own ?inner? way! So I happened to have my cell phone on the nightstand and got a quick voice memo of her singing. Don't you know that is something sweet in God's ears! Click the link below to hear.

this is an audio post - click to play

Monday, January 23, 2006
Curly Sue

Whenever I imagined my babies when I was younger...for some reason I imagined they would be bald. I don't know why but, I always wanted a tiny, bald headed, fair skinned baby! And I got just that. Hannah was just 5 lbs. 2 oz. when she was born and when we brought her home she weighed less than 5 lbs. She has very fair skin and though she wasn't completely bald when she was born, she lost that newborn fuzz in a matter a few weeks and was onion skinned until she was almost 2. Now she has curly blonde hair that I think is so sweet. Tonight on the way home from church I stopped at the grocery store to pick up a few things and saw some of those sponge rollers that my mom used to put in mine and my sister's hair on Saturday nights. I couldn't resist. I bought them...even though Hannah's hair is already curly. So when I got home, Hannah was in the tub, her hair was wet and I went to work. Did you know that it is very hard to put curlers in a 2 year old's hair. Not because her hair is still so fine but, because she is never...NEVER still. Even when she is being still, she isn't really being still! Wow...I'm surprised she still has any hair left after that! Then she wanted to put curlers in my hair. Wow...I'm surprised I still have hair left after that! Well, she wouldn't lay down with them in and was ready to take them out before her hair completely dried but, the end result...more curls!

Saturday, January 21, 2006
Terrific Twos

My child has been defiant today! For the better part of the day. I am going to attribute it to the terrific twos and the fact that she woke up earlier today than usual (she was quite the cranky child). Hannah has this uncanny knack of developing selective hearing when I tell her to do something she doesn't really want to do. Today this ?talent, shall I say? reached new heights. I was working in the children's building at church today and had put some books on a bookshelf in the toddler room. As I started doing something else, I noticed Hannah was looking at the books and there on the floor sat a pile of probably half of the books that had been on the shelf. Well, not any time later...Hannah being two and all...her attention shifted to something else and the entire room that I was trying to clean up looked as if a tornado had hit it. So I figured I would give her one assignment at a time, 1st the pile of books...then we would move on to the dolls and then maybe I could get her to pick up the pretend food and kitchen toys that she had pulled out earlier. That WAS the plan. After the pile of books finally got put back into place...I quit! I literally had to sit there and tell her to pick up each book...it must have taken 10 minutes, a job that should have taken about 2. Why???? I ask. And the whole time I'm thinking...I wish I could just do it myself! But, I know that if I do...someday she will be 5 and I'll have to tell her 10 times to clean her room or brush her teeth or hair...then someday she'll be 16 and I'll have to tell her that she shouldn't speed when she drives (if I let her) or that she can't go to the mall with a particular friend because they are a bad influence on her. And when I do, I want her to do what I say.
Because look how sweet she is!

Friday, January 20, 2006
Chuck E. Cheese Wins!

Hannah's vote always goes for Chuck E. Cheese and tonight she got what she wanted. Last night my mom picked Hannah up from church and took her home so that I could go to choir and Joey could lead the prayer service. There was child care but, there were several kids in there that I knew had been sick lately and I didn't want Hannah to get sick so I called my mom to come get her. Hannah really enjoys going in her class and wanted to play with the other kids last night but, I couldn't bring myself to let her be exposed to germs that I knew were there! Yes, I am a freak! But...that's o.k. she isn't sick today!
I told Hannah that Maw Maw was coming to get her and that maybe she would stop on the way home at McDonald's (another favorite of Hannah's lately although I will say that she probably prefers the play area to the chicken nuggets). To which my mom was happy to oblige but, she was getting pizza for herself and Leigh Anne so she asked Hannah which she wanted, Mc Donald's or pizza. Surprisingly Hannah chose pizza. Which brings us to the subject of Chuck E. Cheese. She apparently thought that when my mom said pizza, she was talking about the pizza at Chuck E. Cheese. Imagine the sadness when they pulled up to Pizza Hut instead.At this my mom being the GRANDMA that she is promptly promises that we will go to Chuck E. Cheese this weekend. Which turned into Thursday night, tonight ~ because Chuck E. Cheese is insane on the weekend!!

And...apparently I don't have a brain (no comments needed) because I forgot the camera tonight when we left for Chuck E. Cheese. How dumb was that? So, you will have to make do with these pictures that I took with my camera phone. Someone I know once said, "is there really a market for such a thing?" Speaking of the camera phone. Why yes Billy, they are for people like me who forget their cameras at the most inopportune times but, always have their cell phone with them!

Wednesday, January 18, 2006
"I wallowed my dum!"

Lately Hannah has taken to chewing gum. Which I'm thinking may be a good thing because she is always ready and willing to give up her nini for a piece. And...she loves to see me blow bubbles. So tonight I tried to get her to give it a shot. To your left you will see the results. After spitting her gum out on the carpet a time or two, we gave up! So for now she will have to be content to watch my bubble blowing expertise! The only bad thing about her having gum is that on more than one occasion, she has swallowed it. At which she always says, "oh no, I wallowed it, I wallowed my dum!"

Tomorrow the 19th, is my best friend in the world's birthday so...Happy Birthday, Carol Anne~~or as Hannah would say it, "hap-pee birday tew yew terlaaane!" Listen below to her pre-recorded song to you! I hope you have a great day!

this is an audio post - click to play

Tuesday, January 17, 2006
I Pull (Full In Hannah Language)!

Tonight when we went to Saltgrass Hannah ate really well! She ate 1/2 a bowl of potato soup, about 7 broccoli stems, a piece of bread and a little bit of chicken! When she was done, she raised her shirt and started rubbing her belly as if to say, "oh, I ate too much!" It was funny to see how much her tummy stuck out and it was hard as a rock. I was glad to see that she finally ate something. And broccoli...wow! I wont even eat broccoli! So I guess she gets two things from her father (eating broccoli and rubbing her belly when it's full)!

Another great thing Hannah did tonight was that she rode home without a diaper on and didn't have an accident. Now that may sound strange but, let me explain! We have been sort of working on this potty training thing for a while now and haven't quite gotten it down (probably my fault for inconsistency's sake). Tonight I left the house for dinner without getting a diaper or two and after dinner we made a stop at Best Buy. As we were going out to the car from Best Buy I noticed that Hannah's diaper was soaked...she drank a lot of lemonade at the restaurant. So I laid her down in the back and took her soppy diaper off before I realized that I didn't bring a new one! Well, I couldn't bring myself to put the old one back on her...so we pulled her pants up and she rode home without a diaper! About the time we pulled out of the parking lot she says, "I dotta tee tee!" "Aaaahhh, hold it," we said! And she did...she ran inside when we got home (which is about 10 minutes away from Best Buy), into the bathroom and went on the potty!!! Yeah!!!

I have a monkey on my back!

Monday, January 16, 2006
Her "Secret" Is Out!

When Hannah gets out of the tub or shower, a lot of times she wants to put deodorant on. And what is funny about it is that she sees me put it on and hold my arm up while holding the cap in the my hand so that is how she has to do it. When she switches to the other arm...the cap goes into the other hand! Which for her, switching hands is quite the task as she can't ever figure out which hand is going to hold both the deodorant and the cap while she switches the other to the opposite hand. It is entertaining to watch this.

On another note...last night Hannah scared me half to death. As I was gathering our things from the children's building and getting ready to lock it up, I thought she was in another classroom playing (which she does frequently when I am in that building). But, she wasn't...she had left the building! She went all the way around to the front of the sanctuary and was headed back because she couldn't find her daddy before I realized where she had gone! When she finally made it back to me, she got quite the talking to! I think I might have hurt her feelings but, that is o.k. I'd rather that than her do that again and happen into the parking lot next time! I think she got the picture that she isn't to do that again!

Say, "Cheese," I Dunna Take Yer Piture!

Like father, like daughter! Or something like that anyway! Here they are at Sweet Tomatoes today. I took Joey's picture and he made this goofy face and guess who followed suit! Not a charming photo of either of them, but I thought I would show the resemblance of the two of them! They are cute, even if they are silly! Although I have to say that there is something to be said of eating Sunday lunch in the privacy of your own home!!

And here is Hannah acting a bit more civilized. I love this dress that she has on. It was a gift from my aunt June. One of Hannah's Great Aunts...and she is a great aunt. She gave it to Hannah when she was first born. I couldn't wait for her to be able to wear it, she looks so sweet in it.

This picture was taken as we left the restaurant this afternoon...just before Hannah fell and skinned both of her knees. It was sad...she cried for 10 minutes and so much for those tights...both knees of them have holes in them. Oh well, we can get new ones!

This evening as we were waiting around to leave for evening services at church, Hannah found the tripod to my camera. Now, I have used this thing maybe twice since she was born...I just always hold the cameras as she is never still long enough for me to worry with the tripod. But...she knew what this was for. She kept telling me to, "smile and say, 'cheese' I dunna take yer piture! Say, 'CHEEEEESSE!'" So, what did I do? I convinced her to keep playing long enough for me to get the camera and take her picture of her taking my picture...does that make sense? Oh well, you know what I mean!

Sunday, January 15, 2006
Hannah The Fraiddy Tat

A doctor once told me when checking my reflexes that it was normal for women to be a bit "jumpier" than men. But, Hannah is scared of something strange. Bugs, lizards, the bush tapping the window at night, policemen and now, lint on the carpet! Yes, lint on the carpet. Tonight has made it twice that she has refused to go into a particular room because there was a piece of lint on the carpet separating her from the room. Now...I know that I need some serious help in the area of house keeping, but the lint on our carpet is really nothing to be afraid of. Granted I may have more lint than some but, it doesn't crawl or talk or anything like that. I can understand (and kind of find them cute) her fears of most of the things that she is afraid of...bugs, they are creepy and some are down right disgusting...lizards, just plain freak me out...policemen, who does like seeing those red and blue lights behind their car...& tapping on the window at night, eeeeeee...but, this...hmmm. I asked her tonight if she was a fraiddy cat. Her response, "yeah, I a fraiddy tat!"

She's so cute!

Saturday, January 14, 2006
Let's Go To The Movies, Let's Go See The Stars...

Today Hannah and I went to see Chicken Little at the theatre. She had a blast. And amazingly, she sat through the whole thing. Well, she watched the whole movie...part of the time she was up and out of her seat. But for the most part she did sit in her chair. We went to a matinee so we were the only two in the theatre which was good because it didn't matter that she hung over the row in front of us as she watched. And that she kept saying (very loudly I might add), "poor chicken little, he sad!" This wasn't Hannah's first trip to the movies. Joey and I took her to see Madagascar when it was out but, she was still pretty young for it then and didn't get too into the movie. Again we went to an early show and were the only ones in the theatre and she was more interested in running up and down the aisles lined with tiny lights.

We had a great time today on a mommy/Hannah date but, I was looking at some of the pictures tonight and actually got kinda sad. She looks so grown up sitting in those seats with her popcorn and Mr. Pibb! I know she had fun today but, it wont be long before she wont be caught dead in the theatre with her mother! She'll want to be there with her friends or worse...some B-O-Y! Augh! The saying in our house goes..."NO BOYS, YUK!" Her daddy taught her that when she first started talking. I hope it sticks...til she's 30 anyway!

After we went to the movies, we went to meet Joey's mom aka Meme. She works at a school in our area and had been invited to come and bring Hannah to a jumping party. This place was great. They had about six inflatables there and the kids had an hour and a half to jump, slide, climb and run on these things.

So Hannah and I had a very busy...or fun day! Hopefully she wont expect that every Friday...oh, who am I kidding...I would buy the movie theatre and the Jumping Party place for her if I could afford them! Why? Because I'm wild about her!

Friday, January 13, 2006
Cookie Monster aka Hannah

Tonight Hannah and I baked and decorated sugar cookies. I bought the ready made kind that you just take out of the package and stick in the oven. I let Hannah put the cookies on the cookie sheet then I rearranged them (as they seemed to be stacked rather than laid out as the directions say...2 inches apart). Then I baked and iced them and let her put the sprinkles on. The great thing about being 2 1/2 is that you like cookies, but your not tempted to eat half of the package as they emerge hot and soft from the oven. And...you enjoy making them (and the mess) as much as you do eating them. Oh yeah, and you generally don't have to be the one to clean the mess up! Yes, we make a mess...even with the prepackaged, ready made cookies. There are sprinkles everywhere although, most of them did end up on one cookie.

Perhaps sprinkles are a weakness!

The finished product. After completing her signature dessert, Hannah stands back and looks at the cookies and says, "oh, I make dose tookies, I lub dem, dey are so prit-teee! De're nummy!"

Tonight when it was time to go to bed, my mom asked Hannah if she was ready to go to bed. I told Hannah to say, "I sure am." She says, "I sure not!"

Thursday, January 12, 2006
Non-Smoking, Please!

So I've figured out how to get these pictures off of my phone and onto the computer. Now maybe I can put this camera phone to use...somehow, even if I do have to be three inches from the subject to get a decent picture! And according to my cousin Jeremy, this doesn't cost. We'll see when the bill comes in! If it does end up costing me, I'll send the bill to Jeremy! Ha Ha, just kidding!

I know that every parent wishes they could "order" certain things in their children. Like a non-smoker, well behaved, mild mannered, non-crying, sleep through the night etc. etc. In case you were wondering, no, I didn't give my child a cigarette to smoke or even pretend to smoke (as that would be, well, just plain wrong). She fell asleep with a sucker in her mouth on the way home from the doctor's office. This picture was taken a couple of months ago (like I said, I just figured this camera phone thing out) after Hannah got the first half of her flu shot! They always give her a sucker as we are going out the door and this time was no different except she fell asleep with the stick still in her mouth! When I looked back at her, I thought it was so funny that I had to take a picture of it. Sad, I know! To what level have I stooped?? Sorry, it looked funny to me!

Wednesday, January 11, 2006
Daddy Dot A Ticket!

On our way back to Joey's grandparent's house from eating out yesterday, Joey saw the tell tale signs that he had been traveling at a speed faster than he was supposed to be! The flashing red and blue lights were his first indication that he was driving too fast. The second was when the nice policeman said..."sign here please!" Augh! I was surprised that he was cited for speeding. Usually Joey drives at or just below the speed limit, especially when we are on a trip. He was doing 64 in a 50! And the funny thing is that he had just asked me what the speed limit was not 5 minutes before that. He was thinking that it was probably 65 so he set the cruise on 64. Go figure!

Anyway, we have tried telling Hannah in the past about police men and how they were nice people and if she ever can't find us and needs help that she should look for a police man and they will help her. I don't know where our communication on this subject has broken down, but somehow the message was lost. She was so scared! I felt terrible for her! So bad that I risked getting out of the car to get in the back seat with her and hold her hand. I had images of this police man telling me to, "get back in the car ma'am or I'll shoot you!" But, she was petrified, what else was I supposed to do? The entire time that the policeman was writing out the ticket in his car, we kept reassuring her that he was nice and that he was trying to help us be safe...she wasn't buyin' it! "Oh, I don't like him and he doesn't like me." "I scared!" Yeah, it was awful? I asked her if she wanted her daddy to roll her window down so that she could see that he was a nice man and that he liked her. No! And when he came back to the car with the ticket and Joey's license...she cried more. So Joey thought that he would roll her window down so she could see that he was a nice man and she could wave to him. She screamed and nearly came out of the carseat...with her seat belt on! I'm not kidding...she wasn't stickin' around for that! In less than a second, she had one arm out of the carseat restraints and she was not looking back. Did I mention how terrible it was seeing her so scared? I felt really bad for her. She cried the rest of the way home...it was terrible. I called my mom to let her talk to her to get her mind off of it. She told Maw Maw, "dat pweeceman scared me, he don't like me an I don like him!" "Daddy dot a ticket!"

Poor baby!

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Here is Hannahrella. Cinderella is another one of Hannah's favorite movies. We have been out of town and that is why I haven't posted in a few days and believe me when I say that I have a problem. I wanted a bloggin' fix so bad...it was terrible! I couldn't even realy get on the internet...no e-mail, blogs...nothin'! We went to see Joey's grandparents that live in Alba, Texas! One of the Christmas gifts that Hannah got while we were there was this princess outfit. And she loves the shoes!! They were the first things that she pulled out of the box. I have a feeling we have a future shoe collector on our hands. One of the Sunday School rooms in the children's building at church has some shoes similar to these and every time I go up there to work on something, I can count on finding her in that room with her shoes off and the dress-up shoes on!

And...I think I can safely say that we are done with Christmas 2005! Ahhh! Don't get me wrong, I love Christmas...it really is my favorite time of year and I was so looking forward to it this year with Hannah, but I am glad that we are done for the year! And I think Hannah got enough toys that she can have something to play with for the rest of the year...at least until her birthday anyway! From sidewalk chalk to rainboots, choo-choo trains to baby dolls and money to doll houses...I think she can rest assured that she has captured the hearts of her family! To say she has us wrapped around her little finger is an understatement!

Thank you to everyone who prayed for Charlie. He is much better. Turned out that he had real bad pneumonia in one of his lungs and his temperature went up to over 100. But...he is on the mend and doing much better now! Thank you for your prayers!

Now that I've had a bloggin' fix...I feel better! Sigh!

Sunday, January 08, 2006
Diddy Up, Horsey!

Sorry, but the quality of this picture is terrible. Aside from the fact that they were moving, I took the picture with my cell phone. If you can't tell, it his Hannah and Joey at the outlet mall in our area on a merry go round. I caught her in this one with her mouth wide open! I was wishing that I had the regular digital camera but didn't so this is what we get! And I hope it doesn't cost money to upload the pictures from your camera. I couldn't tell from the website where it would, but that so doesn't mean anything! If we get the bill and find out that it does, then I wont do that again! Oops! Tonight we ate a Johnny Rockets in the outlet mall and every time a new customer would come in the person seating them would yell out, "HELLO!" To which Hannah would yell right back twice as loud, "HELLOOOOO!" I prefer her not to yell in most restaurants, but tonight was hopeless...I didn't even try to persuade her to not do it. I'm sure that the next time we are in Pappadeaux or Red Lobster or somewhere nice we will have to reiterate that we aren't supposed to yell at the table! Of course if we are at Chuck E. Cheese, I suppose it doesn't really matter.

Update on Charlie...he is doing better today, more responsive, but is still in the hospital in Georgia. They are running some tests, but don't have any results yet.

Saturday, January 07, 2006

As I have mentioned in the past, Pinnochio is one of Hannah's favorite movies. She doesn't watch much t.v. but when she goes to sleep, she does so with a movie playing. She probably watches Pinnochio 3 or 4 times a week.

Today we were out and about when I noticed that Hannah's lips seemed awfully chapped. So I offered her my chapstick, knowing full well that she would accept it happily. When she finished putting it on she handed it to me, but didn't give me the lid back. So...I asked her where the lid was and she said I don't know. After looking about in her carseat for it to no avail, she informed me that she had eaten it! You what? "Oh, I ate it all gone!" (insert sly grin). I looked at Joey and said, "you don't really think she ate it do you?" He said, "No, surely not." So I unbuckled my seat belt and turned around in my seat to have my own look around! Thankfully, I found the lid on the floor...she must have dropped it. I thought it strange though that she had come up with, "I ate it all gone!" So I said, "were you telling me a story?" To this she just gives me a blank stare like "uhm, yeah but..." So I asked her if she remembered what happened to Pinnochio when he didn't tell the truth. The stare continued. I pointed at her nose and at this she turned her head and says, "oh, I not talk to you anymore!"

Apparently the moral of the story of Pinnochio was lost on Hannah!

Friday, January 06, 2006

This is a picture of Hannah & Charlie when she was 6 days old. If you think of Charlie when you say your prayers, mention his name. Charlie is a very special man to my family. He is like a father to me, my brother and my sister. After my dad died, he stood in places where my dad would have and he would have given the shirt off of his back for us and my mom. Today we found out that he is very sick and in the hospital. We aren't sure exactly what is wrong yet but he and his wife had gone to visit family in Georgia (which is far from home) and he got sick there and is in the hospital. Please pray for him and his wife Rosemary.

Thursday, January 05, 2006
Cowgirl Hannah Rides Again!

Fer sum reas'n now Hanner likes to wer her cowgirl boots anytime she wers a red shirt! She'll put her clothes on and say, "oh, I want to wear my towdirl boots with dis too." She makes her own kind of fashion statement when she does it too. At least she doesn't ask to wear them when she is wearing green or pink or any other color. It was funny today too because Hannah is so tall and thin that I have a real hard time finding pants or anything to fit around her waist. Especially pants that aren't capris or shorts. If they fit lengthwise, then they are way to big in the waist and if they fit in the waist they end up looking like capris. This is a problem even with a diaper. I hate to see what it's like when she wears underwear! So when we went to the mall today to let her play on the play area, her little skirt kept falling down and the waist of it was below her diaper the majority of the time. It was funny to watch her constantly have to stop and pull them up. I've even tried safety pinning her bottoms...they still fall down. Poor thing!

Today Hannah got into my purse and found my lipstick! Lovely! I don't know where she learned to put the stuff on, but I promise this isn't how I wear it! If you notice in the picture too, I have a door knob spinner on our bathroom door now. That is so she wont get in there and get into my make-up anymore!! Guess I forgot about the lipstick in my purse!!

I think I've mentioned before that one of the things that I love about Hannah is that she always says, "yall wanna pray," before we eat. Well, lately when she says that we'll ask her if she wants to do it and we tell her that all she has to say is, "Thank you God, for our food. Amen." To which she usually says, "you do it." Tonight it was no different except that after we had finished praying and had started eating, I heard her say real softly, "dank you Dod, por our pood. Amen." Sigh...out of the mouth of babes!

Wednesday, January 04, 2006
Hannah Bloggin'

So, this blogging thing has become somewhat of an addiction of mine! It's sad because, I wake up in the morning and think to myself, "I should go see if anyone has left a comment (which rarely happens) or see how many more hits I've had on the site during the night." It's sick, I know! And if I discover how to do something new with the site, I'm thrilled! Like when I added music or figured out how to do some tracking on the site and see where the hits come from or figured out how to audio blog, Joey can attest that I was so "tited" as Hannah would say.

On more than one occasion, I have come into the office and discovered my own little "blogger" at work. I can't count the times that she has rearranged the desktop icons! Augh! Not fun to fix back!

Tonight she was singing a song and it went like this "I was eat-en my logert, an it pall on my she tirt, an my mommy wipe it op!"

Translation: I was eating my yogurt and it fell on my t-shirt and my mommy wiped it off!

Here is a picture of her performing. She got on stage (her little step stool) and everything. And if you look closely you can see in the picture that there was yogurt on her shirt. Click the link below to hear Hannah perform the Yogurt Song.

this is an audio post - click to play

Tuesday, January 03, 2006
Are You Kidding Me?

No...she did not sleep through the night! This picture was taken about 1:30 this morning! Was I irritated at this point? Yes! Was she? Obviously not...she was having a grand time! Augh! And you can see in the picture that when she woke up, she was hungry because she has the remnants of chocolate on her chin. The chocolate came after a mayonnaise sandwich (yes, mayo between two slices of bread...and we eat it like that...you should try it too!).

Now mind you, I am a night owl and I usually stay up pretty late, but I prefer that my daughter be asleep at 1:00 AM. This is the time that I spend doing what I want...blogging, watching t.v. (something that isn't Pinnochio or Veggie Tales), playing with my embroidery machine etc. And from 9:00-midnight is not the time that I prefer Hannah to take a nap! At 2:00 or so I took her into Maw Maw's room! My mom said that she stayed awake until 3 AM!

So, what time did I wake her up this morning? 10:30 AM. Tomorrow, she'll wake up at 10:00 AM and the next day, I'm shooting for 9:30 AM! And I will conquer this sleeping routine thing, if it kills me.

Monday, January 02, 2006
Shhhh, She's Sleeping!

I can't believe that it is only 9:45 PM and Hannah has been asleep now for about 45 minutes! I hope she stays that way through the night. She didn't have a nap today and was quite tired when we got home from dinner. But...she also didn't eat well today and will probably wake up in a little while because she is hungry! We are going to hold out hope that she will sleep though! I don't know why it is such a task to get a 2 1/2 year old to eat sometimes.

Speaking of 2 1/2 year olds...that is exactly what Hannah is now! She turned 2 1/2 today! Happy Half Birthday, Hannah!

Tonight on the way home from dinner we stopped at Hannah's favorite store..."Toyz a Us." She used to say that Target was her favorite, but I think she has changed her mind. It's funny though because when we go in there, I don't think she realizes that all of the toys there aren't actually hers. She picks up various toys as we make our way around the store and carries them throughout the store. So...when we get ready to leave, she usually has about 3 or 4 things that she has collected. I let her carry the toys through the store because it is easier (for me anyway) to convince her that she needs to leave all of them at once than it is to convince her 3 or 4 times to leave each toy where she got it from. I know this must be annoying for the people who work there because it means that they usually have a handful of toys to return to the proper departments and shelves after we leave, but trust me, it is better this way! Otherwise, I am miserable the entire time we are there. And I like shopping at Toys R Us just as much as the next person, but there are other places I can think of that I would rather be. Like Target!

Sunday, January 01, 2006
Hannah's New Year's Resolutions...

1.) Stop taking that pacifier.
2.) Start being potty trained!
Just kidding, those are actually my resolutions for Hannah. She's content with things the way they are!

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