Tuesday, January 03, 2006
Are You Kidding Me?

No...she did not sleep through the night! This picture was taken about 1:30 this morning! Was I irritated at this point? Yes! Was she? Obviously not...she was having a grand time! Augh! And you can see in the picture that when she woke up, she was hungry because she has the remnants of chocolate on her chin. The chocolate came after a mayonnaise sandwich (yes, mayo between two slices of bread...and we eat it like that...you should try it too!).

Now mind you, I am a night owl and I usually stay up pretty late, but I prefer that my daughter be asleep at 1:00 AM. This is the time that I spend doing what I want...blogging, watching t.v. (something that isn't Pinnochio or Veggie Tales), playing with my embroidery machine etc. And from 9:00-midnight is not the time that I prefer Hannah to take a nap! At 2:00 or so I took her into Maw Maw's room! My mom said that she stayed awake until 3 AM!

So, what time did I wake her up this morning? 10:30 AM. Tomorrow, she'll wake up at 10:00 AM and the next day, I'm shooting for 9:30 AM! And I will conquer this sleeping routine thing, if it kills me.

Anonymous Ann had this to say:

I haven't thought about mayonnaise sandwiches in YEARS! I think I'll go eat one now. :-)

Also, I love the song playing on your blog.

onemotherslove is my sister. She told me about your blog & is trying to convince me to start my own. We'll see.

Nice to meet you,



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