Friday, January 20, 2006
Chuck E. Cheese Wins!

Hannah's vote always goes for Chuck E. Cheese and tonight she got what she wanted. Last night my mom picked Hannah up from church and took her home so that I could go to choir and Joey could lead the prayer service. There was child care but, there were several kids in there that I knew had been sick lately and I didn't want Hannah to get sick so I called my mom to come get her. Hannah really enjoys going in her class and wanted to play with the other kids last night but, I couldn't bring myself to let her be exposed to germs that I knew were there! Yes, I am a freak! But...that's o.k. she isn't sick today!
I told Hannah that Maw Maw was coming to get her and that maybe she would stop on the way home at McDonald's (another favorite of Hannah's lately although I will say that she probably prefers the play area to the chicken nuggets). To which my mom was happy to oblige but, she was getting pizza for herself and Leigh Anne so she asked Hannah which she wanted, Mc Donald's or pizza. Surprisingly Hannah chose pizza. Which brings us to the subject of Chuck E. Cheese. She apparently thought that when my mom said pizza, she was talking about the pizza at Chuck E. Cheese. Imagine the sadness when they pulled up to Pizza Hut instead.At this my mom being the GRANDMA that she is promptly promises that we will go to Chuck E. Cheese this weekend. Which turned into Thursday night, tonight ~ because Chuck E. Cheese is insane on the weekend!!

And...apparently I don't have a brain (no comments needed) because I forgot the camera tonight when we left for Chuck E. Cheese. How dumb was that? So, you will have to make do with these pictures that I took with my camera phone. Someone I know once said, "is there really a market for such a thing?" Speaking of the camera phone. Why yes Billy, they are for people like me who forget their cameras at the most inopportune times but, always have their cell phone with them!


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