Thursday, January 05, 2006
Cowgirl Hannah Rides Again!

Fer sum reas'n now Hanner likes to wer her cowgirl boots anytime she wers a red shirt! She'll put her clothes on and say, "oh, I want to wear my towdirl boots with dis too." She makes her own kind of fashion statement when she does it too. At least she doesn't ask to wear them when she is wearing green or pink or any other color. It was funny today too because Hannah is so tall and thin that I have a real hard time finding pants or anything to fit around her waist. Especially pants that aren't capris or shorts. If they fit lengthwise, then they are way to big in the waist and if they fit in the waist they end up looking like capris. This is a problem even with a diaper. I hate to see what it's like when she wears underwear! So when we went to the mall today to let her play on the play area, her little skirt kept falling down and the waist of it was below her diaper the majority of the time. It was funny to watch her constantly have to stop and pull them up. I've even tried safety pinning her bottoms...they still fall down. Poor thing!

Today Hannah got into my purse and found my lipstick! Lovely! I don't know where she learned to put the stuff on, but I promise this isn't how I wear it! If you notice in the picture too, I have a door knob spinner on our bathroom door now. That is so she wont get in there and get into my make-up anymore!! Guess I forgot about the lipstick in my purse!!

I think I've mentioned before that one of the things that I love about Hannah is that she always says, "yall wanna pray," before we eat. Well, lately when she says that we'll ask her if she wants to do it and we tell her that all she has to say is, "Thank you God, for our food. Amen." To which she usually says, "you do it." Tonight it was no different except that after we had finished praying and had started eating, I heard her say real softly, "dank you Dod, por our pood. Amen." Sigh...out of the mouth of babes!


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