Wednesday, January 11, 2006
Daddy Dot A Ticket!

On our way back to Joey's grandparent's house from eating out yesterday, Joey saw the tell tale signs that he had been traveling at a speed faster than he was supposed to be! The flashing red and blue lights were his first indication that he was driving too fast. The second was when the nice policeman said..."sign here please!" Augh! I was surprised that he was cited for speeding. Usually Joey drives at or just below the speed limit, especially when we are on a trip. He was doing 64 in a 50! And the funny thing is that he had just asked me what the speed limit was not 5 minutes before that. He was thinking that it was probably 65 so he set the cruise on 64. Go figure!

Anyway, we have tried telling Hannah in the past about police men and how they were nice people and if she ever can't find us and needs help that she should look for a police man and they will help her. I don't know where our communication on this subject has broken down, but somehow the message was lost. She was so scared! I felt terrible for her! So bad that I risked getting out of the car to get in the back seat with her and hold her hand. I had images of this police man telling me to, "get back in the car ma'am or I'll shoot you!" But, she was petrified, what else was I supposed to do? The entire time that the policeman was writing out the ticket in his car, we kept reassuring her that he was nice and that he was trying to help us be safe...she wasn't buyin' it! "Oh, I don't like him and he doesn't like me." "I scared!" Yeah, it was awful? I asked her if she wanted her daddy to roll her window down so that she could see that he was a nice man and that he liked her. No! And when he came back to the car with the ticket and Joey's license...she cried more. So Joey thought that he would roll her window down so she could see that he was a nice man and she could wave to him. She screamed and nearly came out of the carseat...with her seat belt on! I'm not kidding...she wasn't stickin' around for that! In less than a second, she had one arm out of the carseat restraints and she was not looking back. Did I mention how terrible it was seeing her so scared? I felt really bad for her. She cried the rest of the way was terrible. I called my mom to let her talk to her to get her mind off of it. She told Maw Maw, "dat pweeceman scared me, he don't like me an I don like him!" "Daddy dot a ticket!"

Poor baby!

Blogger WyldJoker had this to say:

AWE! How sad! It is such a hollowing feeling to experience seeing your child scared and your helpless to comfort them. Anna used to be afraid of a rain storm. (Thundering in particular) So everytime it rains we tell her that God is watering his plants. When it thunders he's clapping his hands after being able to take her picture. She loved that idea so much that she asked me to put batteries in an old camera tht we gave her to play with so she too can take pictures of Gods work. :-)

To get Hanna more comfortable with policemen/women. YOu out to have her meet them in a more friendly environment. Have her meet and become more familiar with them out of uniform then let her see them in uniform eventually. :-)


Blogger QueenBee had this to say:

awww....Hannah, sometimes I get scared of those policemen too! Usually when I see red lights flashing behind my car!


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