Sunday, January 08, 2006
Diddy Up, Horsey!

Sorry, but the quality of this picture is terrible. Aside from the fact that they were moving, I took the picture with my cell phone. If you can't tell, it his Hannah and Joey at the outlet mall in our area on a merry go round. I caught her in this one with her mouth wide open! I was wishing that I had the regular digital camera but didn't so this is what we get! And I hope it doesn't cost money to upload the pictures from your camera. I couldn't tell from the website where it would, but that so doesn't mean anything! If we get the bill and find out that it does, then I wont do that again! Oops! Tonight we ate a Johnny Rockets in the outlet mall and every time a new customer would come in the person seating them would yell out, "HELLO!" To which Hannah would yell right back twice as loud, "HELLOOOOO!" I prefer her not to yell in most restaurants, but tonight was hopeless...I didn't even try to persuade her to not do it. I'm sure that the next time we are in Pappadeaux or Red Lobster or somewhere nice we will have to reiterate that we aren't supposed to yell at the table! Of course if we are at Chuck E. Cheese, I suppose it doesn't really matter.

Update on Charlie...he is doing better today, more responsive, but is still in the hospital in Georgia. They are running some tests, but don't have any results yet.

Blogger WyldJoker had this to say:

It doesn't cost to upload pictures from your phone. Having a reliable camera handy was a hard lesson for me to learn also. Everytime we all go somewhere in the diaper bag or Nicole's purse it goes. Most of the time we dont' need it and Nicole's purse remains heavy. But there are those "just in case moments" where having the camera tucked away pays off.

Glad to hear Charlie is doing better. He and his family have been in our prayers.


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