Tuesday, January 31, 2006
Getting Better & Happy Birthday, Leigh Anne!

Well, for those of you who were wondering where we have been the last week or so...we have been super sick! But...we are beginning to feel a little bit better. I will post more soon on what Hannah has been up to. Keep us in your prayers as we are still on the mend. What started with Joey went through me, Hannah and is now at work on my mom but, she went to the doctor today and now has medicine. Pray, pray, pray that Leigh Anne doesn't get it. It is the last thing she needs and we are tired of being sick!

Speaking of Leigh Anne...tomorrow is her birthday! Here are a few photos of her with Hannah in her honor! Happy Birthday, Leigh Anne...you'll always be my OLDER sister!!!
These first pictures are of Hannah and Leigh Anne when Hannah was first born. I remember, Leigh Anne was the first person that I told that I was pregnant. She was so excited. We told both of our parents the next day at lunch after church and Leigh Anne was at home. When my mom walked in the door after lunch, Leigh Anne said "She told me first!" Before my mom even had a chance to tell her that I had told her at lunch. Leigh Anne just laughed!

This is just a random picture that I had of Hannah and Leigh Anne that I thought was good.

This last picture is one where Leigh Anne is blowing on Hannah's feet. As soon as Hannah yanks her socks off she sticks her feet up in Leigh Anne's face for her to blow them cool! She still will do it today and the funny thing is, Leigh Anne always blows Hannah's feet! Hannah just laughs and Leigh Anne follows suit!

Anonymous Anonymous had this to say:

HAPPY Birthday Leigh Anne!!!!


Anonymous Anonymous had this to say:

So glad you're doing better!!! cas


Blogger QueenBee had this to say:

Happy Birthday, Leigh Anne! Shawn, glad you're back at home - we've been praying!


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