Wednesday, January 25, 2006
The Great Weigh Down~Er, Up For Hannah

Can you tell what we have been obsessed with since the New Year? I have been working on my weight (which needs some serious help!) and I think Hannah has seen me weighing myself everyday! When she gets on the scales she says, "tew, fwee, pour, pibe, sis! Yay!" Not exactly the response I give when I get on the scale. I never...NEVER say, "yay!" And...I would NEVER say a number out loud!!! So, according to our scales Hannah now weighs 24 lbs. Now what is funny about that is that there is a 6 month old at our church who weighs 19 lbs.! Either she is a skinny mini (probably the case) or he is a chunky monkey (also a possibility!).

Another successful day with potty training! Only two accidents today. That is success compared to when we tried a few months ago. After about the fifth time of getting my leg wet on...I gave up and decided she wasn't ready!

Blogger QueenBee had this to say:

YAY Hannah! I think mommy should give you $5 every time you go on the potty!


Anonymous Anonymous had this to say:

Hey Shawn, I heard you weren't feeling well. Hope you get better soon!
Carol Anne


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