Tuesday, January 24, 2006
Hallelujah, She Wants Fruits & Vegetables For Breakfast!

PopCORN and a STRAWBERRY KIWI juice box is what Hannah woke up wanting for breakfast this morning. So what is a mother who wants nothing but the best for her child to do? She caves. For today anyway. So she'll have junk food for one meal...we'll aim for something better for lunch! Mac 'N Cheese perhaps!

This morning when Hannah woke up she began the day by jumping on our bed and having a Praise & Worship service of her own! I don't know how my child became so charismatic...not that it is a bad thing to be charismatic...but, I come from a background of Southern Baptists! We praise the Lord in our own ?inner? way! So I happened to have my cell phone on the nightstand and got a quick voice memo of her singing. Don't you know that is something sweet in God's ears! Click the link below to hear.

this is an audio post - click to play


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I am the stay at home mommy of Hannah. In addition to taking care of her, I take care of her daddy. Joey, my husband is the pastor at our church and that means that I have to be on my best behavior most of the time!! Actually I'm probably not, but I do try so so hard! Especially at church, but that's only because I'm usually sitting on the front pew!

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