Sunday, January 15, 2006
Hannah The Fraiddy Tat

A doctor once told me when checking my reflexes that it was normal for women to be a bit "jumpier" than men. But, Hannah is scared of something strange. Bugs, lizards, the bush tapping the window at night, policemen and now, lint on the carpet! Yes, lint on the carpet. Tonight has made it twice that she has refused to go into a particular room because there was a piece of lint on the carpet separating her from the room. Now...I know that I need some serious help in the area of house keeping, but the lint on our carpet is really nothing to be afraid of. Granted I may have more lint than some but, it doesn't crawl or talk or anything like that. I can understand (and kind of find them cute) her fears of most of the things that she is afraid of...bugs, they are creepy and some are down right disgusting...lizards, just plain freak me out...policemen, who does like seeing those red and blue lights behind their car...& tapping on the window at night, eeeeeee...but, this...hmmm. I asked her tonight if she was a fraiddy cat. Her response, "yeah, I a fraiddy tat!"

She's so cute!


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