Monday, January 16, 2006
Her "Secret" Is Out!

When Hannah gets out of the tub or shower, a lot of times she wants to put deodorant on. And what is funny about it is that she sees me put it on and hold my arm up while holding the cap in the my hand so that is how she has to do it. When she switches to the other arm...the cap goes into the other hand! Which for her, switching hands is quite the task as she can't ever figure out which hand is going to hold both the deodorant and the cap while she switches the other to the opposite hand. It is entertaining to watch this.

On another note...last night Hannah scared me half to death. As I was gathering our things from the children's building and getting ready to lock it up, I thought she was in another classroom playing (which she does frequently when I am in that building). But, she wasn't...she had left the building! She went all the way around to the front of the sanctuary and was headed back because she couldn't find her daddy before I realized where she had gone! When she finally made it back to me, she got quite the talking to! I think I might have hurt her feelings but, that is o.k. I'd rather that than her do that again and happen into the parking lot next time! I think she got the picture that she isn't to do that again!

Blogger Tinker Tantrum had this to say:

Hey, thanks for the comments on my blog... Your daughter is cute, how old is she???


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