Tuesday, January 17, 2006
I Pull (Full In Hannah Language)!

Tonight when we went to Saltgrass Hannah ate really well! She ate 1/2 a bowl of potato soup, about 7 broccoli stems, a piece of bread and a little bit of chicken! When she was done, she raised her shirt and started rubbing her belly as if to say, "oh, I ate too much!" It was funny to see how much her tummy stuck out and it was hard as a rock. I was glad to see that she finally ate something. And broccoli...wow! I wont even eat broccoli! So I guess she gets two things from her father (eating broccoli and rubbing her belly when it's full)!

Another great thing Hannah did tonight was that she rode home without a diaper on and didn't have an accident. Now that may sound strange but, let me explain! We have been sort of working on this potty training thing for a while now and haven't quite gotten it down (probably my fault for inconsistency's sake). Tonight I left the house for dinner without getting a diaper or two and after dinner we made a stop at Best Buy. As we were going out to the car from Best Buy I noticed that Hannah's diaper was soaked...she drank a lot of lemonade at the restaurant. So I laid her down in the back and took her soppy diaper off before I realized that I didn't bring a new one! Well, I couldn't bring myself to put the old one back on her...so we pulled her pants up and she rode home without a diaper! About the time we pulled out of the parking lot she says, "I dotta tee tee!" "Aaaahhh, hold it," we said! And she did...she ran inside when we got home (which is about 10 minutes away from Best Buy), into the bathroom and went on the potty!!! Yeah!!!

I have a monkey on my back!


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