Saturday, January 14, 2006
Let's Go To The Movies, Let's Go See The Stars...

Today Hannah and I went to see Chicken Little at the theatre. She had a blast. And amazingly, she sat through the whole thing. Well, she watched the whole movie...part of the time she was up and out of her seat. But for the most part she did sit in her chair. We went to a matinee so we were the only two in the theatre which was good because it didn't matter that she hung over the row in front of us as she watched. And that she kept saying (very loudly I might add), "poor chicken little, he sad!" This wasn't Hannah's first trip to the movies. Joey and I took her to see Madagascar when it was out but, she was still pretty young for it then and didn't get too into the movie. Again we went to an early show and were the only ones in the theatre and she was more interested in running up and down the aisles lined with tiny lights.

We had a great time today on a mommy/Hannah date but, I was looking at some of the pictures tonight and actually got kinda sad. She looks so grown up sitting in those seats with her popcorn and Mr. Pibb! I know she had fun today but, it wont be long before she wont be caught dead in the theatre with her mother! She'll want to be there with her friends or worse...some B-O-Y! Augh! The saying in our house goes..."NO BOYS, YUK!" Her daddy taught her that when she first started talking. I hope it sticks...til she's 30 anyway!

After we went to the movies, we went to meet Joey's mom aka Meme. She works at a school in our area and had been invited to come and bring Hannah to a jumping party. This place was great. They had about six inflatables there and the kids had an hour and a half to jump, slide, climb and run on these things.

So Hannah and I had a very busy...or fun day! Hopefully she wont expect that every Friday...oh, who am I kidding...I would buy the movie theatre and the Jumping Party place for her if I could afford them! Why? Because I'm wild about her!

Blogger WyldJoker had this to say:

That's so weird. Anna's first movie was Madagascar, too! They just met and already have something in common!


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