Saturday, January 07, 2006

As I have mentioned in the past, Pinnochio is one of Hannah's favorite movies. She doesn't watch much t.v. but when she goes to sleep, she does so with a movie playing. She probably watches Pinnochio 3 or 4 times a week.

Today we were out and about when I noticed that Hannah's lips seemed awfully chapped. So I offered her my chapstick, knowing full well that she would accept it happily. When she finished putting it on she handed it to me, but didn't give me the lid back. So...I asked her where the lid was and she said I don't know. After looking about in her carseat for it to no avail, she informed me that she had eaten it! You what? "Oh, I ate it all gone!" (insert sly grin). I looked at Joey and said, "you don't really think she ate it do you?" He said, "No, surely not." So I unbuckled my seat belt and turned around in my seat to have my own look around! Thankfully, I found the lid on the floor...she must have dropped it. I thought it strange though that she had come up with, "I ate it all gone!" So I said, "were you telling me a story?" To this she just gives me a blank stare like "uhm, yeah but..." So I asked her if she remembered what happened to Pinnochio when he didn't tell the truth. The stare continued. I pointed at her nose and at this she turned her head and says, "oh, I not talk to you anymore!"

Apparently the moral of the story of Pinnochio was lost on Hannah!

Anonymous Anonymous had this to say:

Did you check the actual chapstick? She might have been talking about eating it. :-)


Anonymous Anonymous had this to say:

Hannah, I love you my sweet angel! Meme the best mommy in the whole world!! yo mo in law


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