Monday, January 16, 2006
Say, "Cheese," I Dunna Take Yer Piture!

Like father, like daughter! Or something like that anyway! Here they are at Sweet Tomatoes today. I took Joey's picture and he made this goofy face and guess who followed suit! Not a charming photo of either of them, but I thought I would show the resemblance of the two of them! They are cute, even if they are silly! Although I have to say that there is something to be said of eating Sunday lunch in the privacy of your own home!!

And here is Hannah acting a bit more civilized. I love this dress that she has on. It was a gift from my aunt June. One of Hannah's Great Aunts...and she is a great aunt. She gave it to Hannah when she was first born. I couldn't wait for her to be able to wear it, she looks so sweet in it.

This picture was taken as we left the restaurant this afternoon...just before Hannah fell and skinned both of her knees. It was sad...she cried for 10 minutes and so much for those tights...both knees of them have holes in them. Oh well, we can get new ones!

This evening as we were waiting around to leave for evening services at church, Hannah found the tripod to my camera. Now, I have used this thing maybe twice since she was born...I just always hold the cameras as she is never still long enough for me to worry with the tripod. But...she knew what this was for. She kept telling me to, "smile and say, 'cheese' I dunna take yer piture! Say, 'CHEEEEESSE!'" So, what did I do? I convinced her to keep playing long enough for me to get the camera and take her picture of her taking my picture...does that make sense? Oh well, you know what I mean!

Anonymous Nicole had this to say:

My goodness do Hannah and Joey favor each other! They are both too cute with the hammed up faces. Enjoy it while you can. Oh and I know you must be having as much fun as I am dressing up our little girls GIRLY!! :-) I love it!


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