Monday, January 02, 2006
Shhhh, She's Sleeping!

I can't believe that it is only 9:45 PM and Hannah has been asleep now for about 45 minutes! I hope she stays that way through the night. She didn't have a nap today and was quite tired when we got home from dinner. But...she also didn't eat well today and will probably wake up in a little while because she is hungry! We are going to hold out hope that she will sleep though! I don't know why it is such a task to get a 2 1/2 year old to eat sometimes.

Speaking of 2 1/2 year olds...that is exactly what Hannah is now! She turned 2 1/2 today! Happy Half Birthday, Hannah!

Tonight on the way home from dinner we stopped at Hannah's favorite store..."Toyz a Us." She used to say that Target was her favorite, but I think she has changed her mind. It's funny though because when we go in there, I don't think she realizes that all of the toys there aren't actually hers. She picks up various toys as we make our way around the store and carries them throughout the store. So...when we get ready to leave, she usually has about 3 or 4 things that she has collected. I let her carry the toys through the store because it is easier (for me anyway) to convince her that she needs to leave all of them at once than it is to convince her 3 or 4 times to leave each toy where she got it from. I know this must be annoying for the people who work there because it means that they usually have a handful of toys to return to the proper departments and shelves after we leave, but trust me, it is better this way! Otherwise, I am miserable the entire time we are there. And I like shopping at Toys R Us just as much as the next person, but there are other places I can think of that I would rather be. Like Target!

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Did she ever wake up or did she sleep through the night.?.


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