Saturday, January 21, 2006
Terrific Twos

My child has been defiant today! For the better part of the day. I am going to attribute it to the terrific twos and the fact that she woke up earlier today than usual (she was quite the cranky child). Hannah has this uncanny knack of developing selective hearing when I tell her to do something she doesn't really want to do. Today this ?talent, shall I say? reached new heights. I was working in the children's building at church today and had put some books on a bookshelf in the toddler room. As I started doing something else, I noticed Hannah was looking at the books and there on the floor sat a pile of probably half of the books that had been on the shelf. Well, not any time later...Hannah being two and all...her attention shifted to something else and the entire room that I was trying to clean up looked as if a tornado had hit it. So I figured I would give her one assignment at a time, 1st the pile of books...then we would move on to the dolls and then maybe I could get her to pick up the pretend food and kitchen toys that she had pulled out earlier. That WAS the plan. After the pile of books finally got put back into place...I quit! I literally had to sit there and tell her to pick up each must have taken 10 minutes, a job that should have taken about 2. Why???? I ask. And the whole time I'm thinking...I wish I could just do it myself! But, I know that if I do...someday she will be 5 and I'll have to tell her 10 times to clean her room or brush her teeth or hair...then someday she'll be 16 and I'll have to tell her that she shouldn't speed when she drives (if I let her) or that she can't go to the mall with a particular friend because they are a bad influence on her. And when I do, I want her to do what I say.
Because look how sweet she is!


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