Tuesday, February 28, 2006
Let Out Of Her Cage

No pictures tonight...I've got something better. I mentioned before that my new kewl phone takes video and I found a website that will support the file type that it takes it in...which is some strange file type...and it will let me upload up to a gigabyte of videos...for free! I wouldn't walk around all the time with a corny video camera glued to my face but, I'll take videos on my phone! I love my phone!

Anyway, I think Hannah felt as if she had been let out of her cage tonight. Other than going to church yesterday morning, she hasn't been anywhere in several days because I was trying to keep her inside. I was hoping that maybe she would quit some of this coughing thing she has started. She is getting better slowly but, I will be glad when everyone in this house gets well and stays well. So we went to eat (by the way...Hannah ate 4 chicken nuggets and almost a whole corn dog...little piggy) tonight and then to Target. Have I mentioned that we love Target? Click on the link below to see Hannah on the way to Target. Now Target is just around the corner from where we ate and my phone will only record 15 second video clips at a time but, Hannah talked the entire way from James Coney Island to Target just like she is in the video. And even though it was just around the corner it seemed like a long time to me because she talked like that without hardly stopping to come up for air! Then when we got into Target she went nuts. We decided to let her walk because they were about to close and there weren't that many people in there so I wasn't as worried about someone snatching her. Plus it was fun to watch her be so excited and I didn't feel like force feeding her to the shopping cart in the 15 minutes that they were going to remain open. When we got to the toy department she found this little turtle riding toy that was on wheels and she rode that thing all the way around the toy department. I couldn't get her off of it...until they started turning the lights off in the store! I guess that (the lights getting turned off while she was in the store) has never happend to her because she had a funny look on her face like, uh oh, we better dit out a here, dey turnin' de lights opf!

Another amazing thing that happened was that we managed to get out of Target with out spending a dime! Yes, you should be proud of us! That is a rare occasion!

Click here to see Hannah on the way to Target.

Saturday, February 25, 2006
Monkey See, Monkey Do

Not to worry, Hannah didn't really hurt her foot. But, she insisted that she have a bandage on her foot because it was hurting. I cut my finger this afternoon when I was cleaning a sharp knife. My finger just kept bleeding and bleeding. So I ended up putting gauze and medical tape on it because a band-aid just wasn't cutting it...no pun intended. After that Hannah stepped on something in the kitchen (o.k. so, we need to sweep the floor) and she felt that a bandage was appropriate for her foot as well! Have I mentioned that she is so cute.

So we are on day 5 of the breathing treatments and we have officially resorted to bribery. No...not a sucker or sticker...Hannah has moved up in the ranks and is now demanding moo-lah! She is collecting quarters for a new toy at Toyz a Us!

Just to give Joey a hard time (isn't that my job?) I told her when she went to the potty that she had done a great job and the she should go ask her daddy for a dollar. Which she did...happily of course! But, all he had was a quarter and when she asked for a dollar, he said, "o.k." and handed her the quarter. To which she says, "no, daddy, a daw-yer!" She wouldn't even take the quarter until he promised that he would get three more to give her and that would make a dollar. Have I mentioned that she is smart? Cute and smart, tall and slender...what more could a girl want??

Friday, February 24, 2006
It's Impossible...

...to play a prank on someone with a two year old! Today, Joey was taking his shower and I decided that I was going to "get him"! We have a huge hurricane blowing fan that we got when I was pregnant with Hannah in the heat of the summer. So while Joey was in the shower I set the fan up in the bathroom pointing straight at the shower. The plan was to turn the fan on full blast, hide around the corner and plug it into the extension cord when I heard the shower curtain open! Ha ha ha! That will be hilarious right? Well, I got Hannah in on the plan and told her to tell Daddy to hurry up and get out of the shower. I was getting impatient and he was taking his time in the shower. So Hannah hollers, "hurry Daddy, dit out of de shower, we donna make you told!" Fortunately the plan wasn't foiled because Joey recently had to have a procedure on his ear done and they cut his ear drum so now he has to wear an ear plug in the shower. He heard her tell him to hurry but, missed the part where she told him we were going to make him...told! So it worked anyway. Ha ha! Joey said, "that's not nice!" Don't worry, he'll get me back!

Sorry there aren't any pictures for today's post but, I didn't think yall would appreciate that...and I know Joey wouldn't! Hee hee!

Thursday, February 23, 2006
Who Ever Said Baptists Don't Dance?

O.k. so you know you've all seen them. Those kewl dance pads at your local electronic super store. And you also know that you all wish that you had the inhibitions of a 2 1/2 year old and could try the thing out. Go on...admit it! I know because I wish I could but, somehow I don't think that would be a pretty sight. Plus you know with the heart condition...how embarrassing would that be if I had to be wheeled out of Fry's Electronics on a stretcher because I got carried away with the video dance pad! Imagine explaining that one to the insurance company! Yeah!

Hannah on the other hand, tries the thing out every time she sees one. And if there are other kids on it, I think she would watch them for hours. She loves those things. I have thought of getting her one for Christmas or her birthday because it would be a great way for her to try out those gross motor skills of hers. Have I mentioned that she is very girly. I do mean clumsy girly! She is so cute on that thing. I couldn't pass up the photo ops today. I know the quality of the pictures is somewhat lacking but, granted she was moving about quite a bit. And I am supposed to be keeping her still and quiet. Oops! I still don't think that doctor understands that she is 2 for cryin' out loud!

Here she is trying to hold her pants up! She is very tall and slender so I have a hard time finding pants that are long enough yet small enough in the waste. And even though she is wearing shorts so technically I could go with a smaller size but, I don't really want her looking like she's wearing Daisy Dukes. But, if I had a nickel for every safety pin I've put in her pants... It gets pretty bad when she runs or moves around too much (even with a safety pin). At least she realizes that she needs to hold them up. The plumbers look ain't too pretty on 2 year olds either! Sorry if you are a plumber reading this!

I don't think she realizes that you are supposed to get your cues for the next move on the video screen but, she knows that you dance on that little pad. So, today we went to Fry's and played on the video equipment and before that we went to "Toyz 'a Us," and I think Hannah considers it a fairly productive day!

Wednesday, February 22, 2006
I Mokin'

It seems in addition to making her bounce off the walls, another side effect of the steroids Hannah is taking is non stop talking. It doesn't matter if someone else is trying to talk...Hannah has had some important things to say today...all day! My ears are tired, have you ever had that feeling? I love her sweet little voice but, I need some peace and quiet now. Tomorrow I may invest in some ear plugs! Tonight I tried to explain to her that part of a conversation is that you stop talking part of the time and listen to what the person you are talking with has to say! I don't think she got it because she just kept talking.

In the past Joey and I have had conversations with Hannah about smoking. How it is gross and that she shouldn't ever smoke anything. Why we would think that a two year old would understand this, I don't know but, maybe if we drill it into her that smoking is bad for her and gross, she will never want to do it. Since we've had these conversations, I don't know why Hannah would refer to her breathing treatments as "mokin'" but, when she is doing a breathing treatment she always says, "look, I mokin'!" And though the expression on her face in the picture isn't the one she always has when she's doing the treatments, maybe she will find "mokin'" awful enough that she wont want to do it in the future! She has just had a bath in these pictures which explains the no clothes and wild hair do!

Tuesday, February 21, 2006
To The Doctor

This is the sort of thing Hannah does when she is on steroids! It isn't one thing in particular that she does constantly but, it's constantly something. She bounces off of the wall! I took her to an asthma/allergy specialist today because she coughed through the night and was wheezing like crazy this morning. Anyway the doctor gave her about 4 medications to take including an inhaled steroid. And he says, "keep her out of the church nursery and try to keep her still as much as possible." O.k. obviously he missed the part of the introductions where they asked Joey what he did for a living and he said, "I'm a minister." And...it must have been an oversight that she is 2, dude! Now put that two year old on steroids and you have a child that isn't going to be sitting still for much of anything, certainly not an hour or so long church service!!

Oh well, at least he said she would probably only have to do this for about 6-8 weeks! Yay! Steroids for 2 months! If I suddenly stop posting in the next couple of months, you can probably guess that I have been committed to a mental institution.

Seriously, the fact that she is extremely hyper from some of the medicines doesn't really bother me that much. It's kind of entertaining at times. I also enjoy her going to church with me. So this gives me a great excuse to take her into the service which I do a lot of the time anyway. And...while I would rather her be perfectly healthy 100% of the time, I do like the extra cuddle time that I get when she isn't feeling well.

They did weigh her and measure her height. She now weighs in at 25 1/2 lbs. Believe me, when you try carrying that for any distance...it's heavy enough. She is 36 1/2 inches tall. 3 feet wow, she is more than half my height! Awwww, that kind of makes me sad!

Beauty Rest

Once again, Hannah in the make-up drawer. This time though, I was standing right there and just let her. Have you ever just let your kids do something just for the sake of not having to argue with them about it? Well, this evening was just one of those times for me. All day when Hannah would do something that I told her not to do she would say, "I just do it a lil' bit." Like the fact that she just turned Joey's computer off a lil' bit when he was right in the middle of something somehow made it o.k. Anyway, I didn't really care if she played with my make-up and we weren't going anywhere tonight...and heaven knows I loved to play with make-up when I was younger...oh yeah, I still like to play with make-up. It's funny to me that she knows where everything goes on her face. Mascara on the lashes, blush on the cheeks, powder on the nose etc. So here is the little doll, dolling it up for an evening of jumping in her jump house.

Here she is attempting to put on perfume. After trying with all her might to get the squirter down, she said, "you do it, mommy!" So I sprayed a little squirt on her neck and she said, "oh, what dat do?" "It makes you smell pretty," I told her. I left off the foo foo water part this time figuring I didn't want her going to her class at church telling everyone that she wore poo poo water the other night.

Tonight Hannah rode with my mom to get Whataburger for Leigh Anne and Hannah. She didn't have a nap all day and we knew that she would probably fall asleep in the car but, it was about 7:00 pm and I really didn't want her catching a nap so late in the evening. So I told my mom to just talk to her the whole time and maybe she would stay awake. My mom said that she talked to her for a little while and pretty soon Hannah said, "I not talk to you anymore, I doing to leep." Well, my mom kept talking hoping that she wouldn't go to "leep". But, when she looked in the mirror at Hannah, there she was fast asleep!

Sunday, February 19, 2006
Nothing Is Safe With Hannah

Well, it looks as though I am going to have to start hiding the laundry baskets! I was on the computer tonight and thought to myself that Hannah was being awfully quiet so, I went to see about her. What was she doing but, playing in the kitchen sink. How? She turned a laundry basket upside down and used it as a step stool! Now the bathroom doors I can shut and put a child proof door knob cover on it (which, by the way, is very inconvenient when potty training) but, there are no doors to the kitchen. And unless I buy two very long baby gates, the kitchen is free game for Hannah.

Hannah said the sweetest thing to me today as I was laying down with her to get her to take a nap. I told her that I loved her and she said, "I lub you too," and gave me a hug that made my heart melt! If that wasn't sweet enough, I said, "oh, that makes me happy." And she said, "you're welcome por my lub!"

Honestly, I don't care if she plays in the water or stands on the upside down laundry basket. One day, she's going to be too big to play in the water and too big to lay down and take naps with her mommy but, I hope I'm always "welcome por her lub"!

Whoa, I Scare Myself!

I feel so high tech right now, it's downright disturbing! I took this picture on my cell phone! Whooptie do, you say? Well, I got it on my computer without going to Verizon's Pix Place and uploading it from my phone then downloading it from their website and uploading it back to this website! Yeah, I bought a SanDisk thingie. And...I actually got it to work on the first try! No more 25 cent charges for me, thank you! My new kewl phone has a place to put this SanDisk memory card and you can save pictures to it just like you would a regular disk. Then you put the SanDisk into a drive (which I installed on the computer...aaaahhh!) and it's just like a floppy! Amazing! And even though Hannah moved when I took this picture, the camera takes pretty decent pictures. Did I mention that it also does video???

Hannah is tired of me takin' her picture? Watch out baby, I'm packin' heat now!!

Friday, February 17, 2006
I Wish They Made Time Out For Grown Ups!

No, I'm not speaking of time out for Joey! He has behaved himself pretty well lately. Hannah on the other hand had a terrific two day today! I think for the most part she is pretty well behaved but, she definitely has her moments! Today it seemed as though I was beating my head against the wall to get her to do anything I needed or wanted her to do. I decided a new approach to discipline was in order. She went to time out! And guess what...it didn't work the way it was supposed to. I asked her if she was having fun in time out because she didn't seem bothered at all by the fact that she was there. "Umhum!" she replies. "Don't you wish you could play with your toys or something?" I asked because I wanted her to realize that maybe time out wasn't such a great place to be. She said, "but, I want to." "Oh, I wish you could too but, you're in time out so you can't right now," I told her. Now I know it sounds like I'm being mean to her and taunting her at this point but, I wasn't...she clearly wasn't getting the point of time out and I wanted her to understand that being there it isn't a good thing. But, it was a game for her! "So, are you having fun in time out," I asked. She says, "yes, I am." Well, after a few minutes of this I told her she could get out now but, that if she didn't want to be in time out where she couldn't play with her toys, then she needed to mind me. "Otay," she says as she gets down. "Now it time to dow back to time out," as she climbs back up and perches on the designated bench. What went wrong there?? I guess time out isn't the punishment for Hannah as she seems to get a kick out of it and wants to go back there as soon as permission is granted to get up! Which got me thinking...time out isn't punishment...I would love to go to time out!!! Leave me there all weekend!

Thursday, February 16, 2006
Paging Dr. Hannah

The doctor is in. Tonight after dinner we went to our (well, mine and Hannah's) favorite store. Intending to go in and just look around because we were bored, we came out spending $78. How does that happen? It's even worse at Wal-Mart. What did we buy anyway??? I don't have a faint clue! Oh yeah, Hannah had to get a toy. And since we don't want her to be spoiled or anything we limited her to one toy. Which for some reason she picked one that cost almost $20. Someday she will understand the concept of $$ and I can tell her she has $5 or something like that to spend. Doesn't quite work that way when they're 2 1/2!

So she decided on the vet's kit complete with stethoscope, thermometer and shot. Now Joey and I have both had our shots and our hearts sound "dood"! Oh and we each got a dose of whatever medicine is in that thermometer thing. The kit also came with some plastic tweezers. Why??? She says to me as I laid on the floor being doctored, "pinchy, pinchy, pinchy...I pinch you!" Why??? And where did she learn the word pinch? And how does she know that tweezers pinch?

Last night I got into the car to go to church and told everyone else that I was sorry that my perfume was probably kind of strong because I had just sprayed it. I asked Hannah, "does mommy stink, does she smell like foo foo water?" Her response..."no, you don't smell like poo poo water, dat bross!"

Wednesday, February 15, 2006
Bathtime Fun

An exciting day at our house!! We spent most of the day cleaning house. Fun, fun! For some reason though, it doesn't really look any cleaner. At 5:00 PM I was still in my slouchy clothes that I cleaned in and it looked as though I sat around and did nothing all day, didn't even shower 'til then! But, I worked hard today!

While I was cleaning today, Hannah played and found her swimming dog floatie in her room. And guess what...when she found it, she wanted me to blow it up. Big surprise there! Then after I blew it up, she wanted to take a shower with it! Huh? I guess she remembered that it went in the water! So tonight when she took her bath, the dog had a bath too! She was having a great time but, for some reason when I got the camera out she wasn't impressed. I guess I can't say that I would appreciate someone taking my picture while I was in the tub either!!

The funny thing Hannah said tonight as we drove home from church. I don't know what sparked this conversation but, we were asking Hannah if she was baptist. "Um, no." She said. "Are you catholic?" We asked. To which she replied "No, I Hannah!" As if to say, "come on silly, you know who I am!"

The funny thing Joey said today..."Hannah, you need to pick up your toys because they are all over the place and we are tired of stepping on them." Hannah's response, "No, you need to pick dem up!" "Hannah, you need to pick up your toys, I pick up my stuff and you need to pick up your stuff," Joey told her. Now at this I had to laugh because you see as Joey was saying this, I was looking at several things that he had pulled out or made a mess with and didn't pick up! One day she's going to call his bluff on this and say, "my socks are in the hamper, daddy, where are yours?"

Tuesday, February 14, 2006
Happy Valentine's Day!

It's Valentine's Day and Hannah had a date! A playdate that is! Because Joey and I have already told her that she can't date until she is 35 (maybe 34 if she's lucky)! In fact, one of the first things she learned to say after she learned her name, "Nannah," was, "no boys, yuck!" On Tuesdays we usually go to lunch with friends and then go to the play area at the mall. We haven't made it in a few weeks but, finally were able to get there today. As you can see, I managed to get some batteries for the camera at a Radio Shack in the mall and get some pictures of Hannah with her friends on the play area. Hannah was so excited when she realized where we were going today. After we ate and were walking down to the play area she kept saying, "I tink I tsee it! I tink I tsee de pway ara!" And when she actually did see it, she broke out in a full girly sprint!! It's been a while since we've been out and she was thrilled! Notice the strange way Hannah goes down the slide! She never goes down facing the front.

Tonight when Joey and I were leaving for our Valentine's date, I told Hannah that I would bring her a Valentine's Day present back. Which I did. When we got home, we kind of hid the present behind the counter and just the edge of it was sticking out. Well, it didn't take her long to spy the edge of the gift bag and she said, "did you buy me a pwesent?" I said, "did I say I was going to do that???" "Yes, you did, I tink you buyed me a pwesent...let me dow see, I wanna open it and see what you dot me!"

So I was bragging about my new extra kewl phone last night and then it went and did a very bad thing tonight. I kid you not, it wasn't 20 minutes after I had set up my 124 contacts with multiple phone numbers for each in my phonebook ('cause, if you recall, I'm too cheap to pay $10 to let them transfer my phonebook) which took probably a total of about 3 1/2 hours and the phone just cut off! Never to be turned on again! This morning I told myself that if the day went anything like yesterday, I would just try to laugh it off. Was I laughing? No! I took the phone back to the store and I told that man there that if he couldn't retrieve my phonebook that I was going to KILL someone! What is the man's response? "Ma'am, if I can't get the phone to turn on, there is no possible way for me to retrieve your phonebook." I said, "you make me want to cry!" All he could say was, "I'm sorry!" He did give me a new phone and tomorrow, I'm taking my old phone (the one I dropped in the tub that will still turn on) and they are going to transfer my phonebook...for free! Oh yes, they are!

Monday, February 13, 2006
One Little Monkey Jumping On The Bed...

Well, it has been one of those days! Where nothing went right and everything went wrong. By 5:00 this evening I was in tears...literally! The morning started out seemingly o.k. but, quickly went south. Seems like we spent the entire day busy, busy, busy and accomplished nothing and my grilled chicken sandwich from McDonalds had a hair on it!! Aaaauuuugh...I'm still grossed out by that...I had already eaten half of it!!! I took a bite and there it was sticking out from the rest of the sandwich, waving hello to me! Aaaaghhh! Next time I go there I will ask for a grilled chicken sandwich hold the hair please! Yes, it is sick! You know what? Forget it, I just decided I'm not getting any more grilled chicken sandwiches from McHairalds! In fact, I don't think I will be going back to that place! Bllaaaaaaahhhh! Aaaaawwww! I don't feel so well!

And...I still don't have any batteries for the camera so...still no pics. Oh well, it will give you something to look forward to tomorrow. Hopefully I will get some bat-trees.

One good thing did happen...I got an extra kewl, new cell phone today. It takes video...imagine that! Who would'a thunk it?? A week or so ago Joey put my cell phone on top of my towels while I was in the tub and when I reached for one, into the tub my phone went. It really kind of scared me because the flash on the camera part of it started going off like crazy!!! The last thing I need is pictures of me in the tub (gag!) being short circuited to the internet from my handy camera phone!!! Can't you see the headlines...Minister's Wife Sends Bathtub Pics To The WWWeb! Well, fortunately for everyone, it wasn't taking pictures or sending them to the internet. So ever since then my phone has worked well enough to get me by. But, it wasn't working great so I decided I wanted a new one. Did you know that Verizon charges $10 to transfer your phone book from one phone to another! How absurd! I'll do it myself and keep my $10, thank you very much. And...the man at the Verizon store said that it does cost 25 cents everytime I send a picture from my phone to the PIX Place! Jeremy...you owe me some moo-lah, bud! You said it was free!! That's the last time I listen to you...are you in cahoots with Verizon??? Ha ha ha! I'll let it slide this time!

So anyway blah blah blah about that, what did Hannah do today? She played with my new phone, rode around in the car all day, ate a ton at dinner (not macaroni & cheese either) and didn't have one accident in her big girl pants! Oh yeah, she also almost gave herself a concussion and us a heart attack by jumping and falling off of the bed!! That was our day...in a nutshell!

Sunday, February 12, 2006
A Few Of Hannah's Latest Cute Stories

Sorry there are no pictures tonight but, I need to go to Sam's (or anywhere really) and get some batteries for the digital camera! We are out! Maybe tomorrow. I hate not being able to take her picture although, she might enjoy the break! Anyway, on to the funny stories...

After church this morning we went to lunch with Joey's parents (MeMe & PaPa). And on the way somehow the issue of weight and needing to lose it and BMI's came up. While I wont divulge any numbers or names as to not embarrass anyone...including myself, we were talking about who's might be higher and one person in the car said, "mine is ridiculously and disgustingly high." Speaking of BMI's. And another said, "well, it couldn't possibly be as high or higher than mine!" "I don't know about that, mine is pretty high," the conversation continued. "Well, mine is ___!" said one. "Oh," said another with a slight amazement in their tone. At which everyone laughed! Then Hannah follows up with a slap to her forehead and an embarrassingly loud sigh like, "oh my goodness! Oooohhhhh, aaaawwwwww! I can't believe that!" Like she knows what a BMI is!!! She is too funny! Why we were tormenting ourselves by comparing BMI's is beyond me.

Sometimes when Hannah gets upset about something she will begin to cry and at first when she is "working it up" it sounds like someone trying to start a motorcycle or something. So my mom always asks her if she is trying to get her motor started. I've never really paid attention to her answer but, tonight the three of us (me, Joey and Hannah) went out to dinner with some friends and their baby ,Billy, after church. Billy is 7 months old and sat through most of dinner without fussing but, got kind of antsy toward the end. So I decided I would hold Billy while Amy, his mommy, finished her dinner. With Hannah in her booster seat next to me (in a booth of all things...dumb hostess!) and Billy sitting up on my shoulder, (well, not literally sitting on my shoulder...you know what I mean) Hannah could look at him and play with him easily. When Billy started getting fussy again Hannah says to him, "oh Biwwy, you twyin' to dit yer moto stawted?" How cute is that??

A few of you may remember the time that Hannah sneezed directly into Joey's mouth while we were watching America's Funniest Home Videos one night. Well, I shouldn't have laughed so quickly. The tables were turned on me tonight. As Hannah was getting ready to go to bed she went to give me a goodnight kiss...that for some reason she gives right on the lips. The instant our mouths came into contact she decided she needed to cough! Slobber and all! It's a good thing I love her!

Saturday, February 11, 2006
I Dotta Bwy My Heir!

Hannah watches me dry my hair every morning and decided that today she, "dotta bwy her heir!" That was after she got out of the tub and insisted that she put some of Maw Maw's "lipitz" on. I think a lot of 2 year olds would not like the sound of the hairdryer and they certainly wouldn't want it blowing on their head. But...I've got a girly girl and she ain't afraid of no hairdryer! It's a necessity! I love to watch her do things that she has seen us do. And I love that she is so GIRLY! I was watching her walk across the room the other day and it cracked me up because she was so prissy with her hands on her hips and everything! I love the way she runs too...like what else but, a girl!

On another note there is a down side to this potty training thing...which by the way if I haven't mentioned, Hannah has mastered! While I appreciate the fact that she is eager to wash her hands after each trip to the bathroom, I do not appreciate that if I am not watching her wash her hands, the entire bathroom gets washed! Wow, I never realized how quickly a 2 year old can drown the bathroom with water that comes out of the sink!!! On the flip side of that, our bathroom rug gets washed more often and the sink gets wiped off more often as well! We love being 2. I really do mean that! On that note, I should go check on her, she is entirely too quiet! Kinda makes me nervous, does it you?

Friday, February 10, 2006
Mac 'N Cheese

I have often said this but, I'll say it again...I guess I named Hannah Leighanne right. My sister, Leigh Anne, absolutely loves macaroni and cheese. Well, it appears that Hannah has developed a taste for this dish as well. Lately it seems to be all that she wants to eat. I wouldn't mind so much, seeing that it has calcium in the cheese but, a vegetable here and there would be nice as well. She hardly ever asks for food (I guess because she is two and too busy to get hungry...wish I could say the same for myself) but, lately she comes and asks me for "racaroni and cheese" two or three times a day. When I ask what she wants for breakfast...racaroni and cheese, lunch...racaroni & cheese, dinner...you guessed it, racaroni & cheese. Even when I ask her if she wants a snack...that is what she asks for. She will take it over fruit snacks or candy hands down (something I guess I should be thankful for)! How strange is that??

Well, as I said yesterday, I had an appointment with the cardiologist today. It didn't go as well as I had hoped! Everything was fine (well better I should say) with my heart. My ejection fraction was up to 44% from 20-25% which is really really good. If I can get that up to 50% I will be heading toward normal. Yay! Normalcy...something I haven't experienced healthwise in quite some time. And for the record, I have no doubt in my mind that God can heal me completely from heart failure. As I have already seen Him do so much for me and Hannah! The bad thing was that apparently since I saw him last (which in my defense has been a while) I had gained enough weight that my recent almost 20 lb. loss still appeared to be a gain on his papers!!! Ugh! That was not nice of him to point that out. What I can't believe is that I actually pay him to be so RUDE to me! There is something wrong with that!

I guess there will be no Mac 'N Cheese on my plate for a while still! Salad and green stuff...yum-mee! I'm thrilled, can't you tell!

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Wow, am I tired! Tonight Joey and I took Hannah to the Jumping Party place again. We had a party for all of the children's department at our church at the Jumping Party place. And I actually got on the inflatables with her. The strange thing is that I am exhausted (jumping in inflatables with congestive heart failure perhaps not the best idea) but, she is still awake! I thought for sure she would fall asleep on the way home. Didn't happen! On top of that she didn't take a great nap today and she woke up at a decent time this morning. What is odd about that is that she is in a relatively good mood! Normally nothing would be satisfying to her at this point. But, tonight she has been pretty content. A little hungry but, overall happy! I guess jumping and moving non-stop like that for 2 hours tends to make one hungry! I didn't jump that long but, it made me tired to watch all of those kids jumping around like that!
Hannah has been waiting and asking about the Jumping Party for almost 3 weeks now. It blows my mind that she remembers some of the things that she does. I mean she is two and she remembered that we had gone to this place before. And...she kept saying, "are we doing to da jumping party today?" When I would say, "no, it's not today but, in a few days we will go there with all of your friends." She would just cry and say, "I want to do dere now!" Imagine the excitement when she found out this morning that it was today! She screamed in delight when we walked up to the place. I think she had a good time and would you believe it...I forgot the camera...again!! Augh! I always do that! So you'll have to settle for pictures taken tonight as she watched Cinderella while of all things...eating Sour Cream & Onion Ruffles! Which was after the pizza and a bite or two of mango. And...I think I heard them in the kitchen just a few minutes ago getting something else.

So, today I went to the doctor and all is well on the kidney front. And...just to report since I am oh so happy about this...since seeing him in December, I have lost 18 pounds (some of which I'm sure is due to having the flu but, some of it I lost the hard way...wait, what am I saying...it's not easy having the flu)!! Now I don't really feel like I've lost this much but, if that is what his scales say, I'll take it! Now maybe when I go to the cardiologist tomorrow, he will see as well that I have lost weight and he wont fuss at me like he normally does.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006
Sorry In Advance...

...if this offends you. And please, do not try to envision this. But, a funny thing happened today that I must tell about. Hannah got a lesson in life. Today I had to go do some lab work for a doctor's visit tomorrow. And...being that I am going to the kidney doctor well, one of the tests that the doctor frequently requests is one that requires a...ahem...sample, if you will. Now normally when I have to do this sort of thing Hannah waits in the waiting room with Joey or in the car with him. It is just easier that way. But, Joey will not be home from Florida until tonight and since my doctor's appointment is tomorrow I had no choice but to take her with me this time. So into the restroom we go where they have a nice little supply of sterile cups sitting on the shelf right above the toilet. In perfect reach of a two year old. I guess they figure that not many two year olds will be in there. I'm sure they could hear us outside because those little restrooms are never sound proof! Hannah immediately reaches for one of the cups with a bright yellow (of all colors) lid. "No, no, no leave those alone sweetie," I say trying to catch her before she opens it and contaminates it. Fortunately, I saved the cup! Now of course, she wants to know "what dat por?" "It's just a cup," I said. "Oh," she said. Seeming satisfied with that answer she proceeds to tell me that it's her turn to potty first. And...since we are doing so well with the potty training thing...I agreed. So, she goes to the potty and now it is my turn. Now you try explaining to a two year old why you are peeing in one of the cups that was sitting on the shelf!!! And...do it loud enough for her to hear (because by now she has the water running to wash her hands) but, quiet enough for the people who are outside not to hear! Now my hope is that she doesn't decide to try it! Maybe she has forgotten about the whole incident...knowing my luck, I highly doubt it!

Tuesday, February 07, 2006
Her Phone Is Ringing Off The Wall!

Tonight as we left for dinner I realized that I had left my cell phone on the bed when Hannah and I took a nap. So, back in the house I go to get the phone in case Joey called while we were out. Upon returning to the car Hannah says, "oh, you dot my pone?" "No," I say, "I just got mine." "Oh, I wanted my pone...whah haah haah!" So after about a block of that, I turned the car around and decided it wasn't worth it to listen to that all night. We went back home and got her pretend cell phone. Then she was tired of holding the phone and decided she needed Maw Maw to hold it.

Later on the way home after stopping at Wal-Mart Hannah said, "oh, my pone ring, I need to answer it!" The conversation goes something like this..."hello Amber, how are you today? Oh, ah ha ha ha ha. Do you dow to tool today? Oh, dat dood. Otay, here Maw Maw, I lub you, bye." Maw Maw gets on the phone and "talks" to Amber. Then the process repeats with Aunt June, then with Lou, then Aunt Betty and so on. Until Maw Maw finally says, "tell Aunt Maxine that Maw Maw is tired and she'll call her back later!" So Hannah reports, "Oh, Maw Maw tired, she tall you later. Otay, I lub you, bye!" "Hello, Amy, how Biwwy (Billy) today? Oh, ah ha ha ha, you pway today and biwwy eat! Oh, you wanna talk to Maw Maw" And then Cindewewwa beeps in!

She did this the entire way home from Wal-Mart tonight! And to think I almost left home without her cell phone. What on earth would she have done all night if she hadn't had her phone. She would have missed so many calls!

In this picture Hannah is taking my picture on her "camera phone"! Tell me, where does she learn these things????

Alright, I know...I'm guilty! But, in my defense...I don't make my mom talk to everyone I talk to! I truly don' t know where she gets that from...maybe it's because we always make her talk to everyone that we talk to.

Daddy will be home tomorrow night! Yay, we sure miss him. Hannah has asked everyday since he left, "are Daddy toming home today?" "Where my Daddy?"

Monday, February 06, 2006
The Hannahdaze Continues...

Today was a long day. Hannah was cranky all day long...or maybe that was me. Anyway, we have purchased new cubbies from Target for Hannah's never ending pile of toys and books. After assembling them I put a lot of her toys and books in them. Then I left the room for less than two minutes and she had taken her dolls and stuffed animals from the shelf...all of them! So...what was I to do? Well, I began fussing at her and telling her she needed to come over there and pick all of them up again and put them back on the shelf. The child is defiant!! She didn't want to pick her dolls up and I could tell right away that it was going to take more than just telling her to do it. After about 3 or 4 minutes of me telling her specific dolls and animals to pick up she decided she was done. Well, I decided that maybe if I told her that if I had to pick them up again I was throwing them in the trash, she would be a little more enticed to pick them up and put them where they belonged. Not the case...she helped me put them in a trash bag and then wanted to take them out to the trash cans for me!

Why? Why? Why?

Now I'm sure I was the perfect angel as a child (not). I don't recall being defiant in this manner!

I do not like it when Hannah has been sick, I do not like it at all. And I do not like this time of getting back on track discipline wise.

Please Lord, let this pass quickly!!

On a happier note, I feel quite confident that Hannah has mastered this potty thing! She is doing such a good job of going in the potty and I don't even have to remind her to go...she tells me when she needs to go. Wow, that was relatively easy!

Sunday, February 05, 2006
Playing House With Hannah & Congratulations, Brien & Cindy!

First, I want to take this chance to say congrats to my cousin Cindy and her husband Brien. They are the proud new parents of a little boy that came to live with them today! And...they get to pick up his newborn sister in a few days from the hospital! I couldn't be happier for y'all, Brien & Cindy. Congratulations on your new little family. You can bring the kids over to play with Hannah anytime you'd like! She will love having new cousins to play with! Cindy, I wanted so bad to go buy him something today and I was thinking finger paints, play dough or something really messy like that. Ooo, maybe a Snoopy Sno Cone Machine...what do you think?? Seriously though, I can't wait to meet your babies! Everyone should pray for them as they all make the adjustment to their new family!

Last night Hannah made me a wonderful "midnight snack". Since coming home from the hospital our schedule has been a little out of whack and Hannah has been staying up a little bit later than usual. She is asleep already tonight but, last night at about midnight she wanted me to play with her kitchen stuff with her. She set the table complete with two plates and two cups. We had plastic hotdogs, a plastic cheese sandwich, a plastic cookie to share and one plastic egg. She would say, "I donna fwip it in de air! I fwip it!" Then she would pop out laughing as the egg flew through the air! The egg by the way ended up on the floor as she was flipping it. To which she says, "oh, dat not dirty, it otay!" She watches me make eggs for her for breakfast a lot of mornings and she sees me flip her egg in the air from the pan...yes, I can and I am quite the proud one of that! I will show you if you ever come to my house and I make eggs for you to eat!

We had ketchup to drink and I must say, it was delicious! She stirred it and everything! She seemed to enjoy putting pretend ketchup on everything. My cheese sandwich, cookie, hotdog and in my drink. She said, "you like tatchup, mommy!" So, apparently I like ketchup! And...we had to blow everything we ate "tause it hot, we dotta bwow it like dis...pffwwwuuaaahhhh" As she spits all over the plastic food! No germs there!!! I did have fun with her. It's funny how much fun a silly thing like playing kitchen is when you're doing it with your own kids! I love playing with her and should do it more often! They grow way too fast! It amazes me how much she learns and does every single day!

Saturday, February 04, 2006
Perhaps You Wondered Why I Chose The Name Hannahdaze For This Site.

These pictures were taken the night before last not too long after Hannah had a dose of steroids. They tend to make her a bit hyper!

Today we went back to big girl panties and I think she is going to get it. No accidents today! Yay! I was hoping that we wouldn't be back at square 1. She has even gotten good at holding it if we are in the car on the way home. She'll say, "I need to go potty!" And I'll say, "hold it, can you hold it 'til we get home?" And she does!

We are feeling much better today as well. Hannah is definitely on an honery kick. I know that it is just because she is used to getting everything she wants the last week because she was so sick but, now I find her demands and actions quite disturbing. Last night she had a box of birthday candles that she had found on the edge of the counter from Leigh Anne's birthday and she decided she would dump them out on the floor. My mom told her not to do that and she just went right ahead and did it. So I went over to her and asked her what I should do because she hadn't minded Maw Maw. To which she replied, "I tell you what you should do, you should pick dose up!" Augh! What do you say to that? Well, not to fear. I quickly reminded her who was going to pick them up while my mom tried to pick herself up off the floor from laughing so hard. I know, one day I too will see the humor in this! But for now, Lord, help me!

And you know what? I can honestly say, I still love her like cray-zee! Even though she has driven me mad the last few days! I'm in a Hannahdaze!

Friday, February 03, 2006
Our Emergency Room/Hospital Experience

Warning...warning...warning...warning! Long ranting post ahead!

Well, as most of you know we went to the emergency room Sunday afternoon. Joey took both me and Hannah in to let them look us over. In the picture, Hannah is receiving a breathing treatment. I tested positive for the flu but, Hannah's test came back negative so they said she probably just had a real bad case of bronchitis. Which later the doctor said that she may really have the flu and for whatever reason the test just came back negative. They had both of us in the same room in the emergency room but, as the evening wore on, they knew they were going to admit me and thought it best to send Hannah across the street to Texas Children's Hospital as we were at St. Luke's and they don't have pediatrics at St. Luke's. The horror! Here I was stuck and they were wheeling Hannah across the street to another hospital. She was fine because her daddy was with her. I, on the other hand, was not because my daughter was being taken to another hospital without me! I couldn't even go be with my sick baby when she was going to another hospital. I think that was one of the worst things I have ever endured. Second only to the two times while I was pregnant with her and thought we might lose her. I tried to think of all the ways that I could get out of there and believe me, if I had thought I could actually make it across the street without passing out or getting tackled by someone in my family, I would have in a second. I would have taken my own I.V. out and removed the heart monitors myself. And once I finally got to my room, I imagined every way that I could get across that street. I would unhook my I.V., find a wheelchair close by (because they are everywhere in the hospital) and wheel myself over. I could see her hospital from my window and I would have been back before the nurses ever realized what had happened. I didn't like that nurse anyway (she was quite the rude one)...so what did I care if I made her mad?

I begged them to make an exception and either take Hannah at St. Luke's or me at Texas Children's. As if it would kill the doctors to walk the short distance (not even really across the street, more like across a driveway) between the two hospitals to see us. They wouldn't do it. So off to Texas Children's Joey and Hannah went. I didn't even have a way to get in touch with them. Joey had his cell phone but, they don't work well in the hospitals and the emergency room (which is where I stayed a good bit of the time) didn't have a direct line for him to call me.

Finally in my room I was able to give him a direct number for me but, he didn't call every 5 seconds like I expected him to. In fact I would have just preferred him to stay on the phone with me the entire time. Anyway, he said that as soon as they left and got over to Texas Children's, Hannah perked up. They had given her a steroid in the emergency room at St. Luke's and she was feelin' dandy!

Thankfully, once she was seen in the emergency room at Texas Children's they didn't think she needed to stay there overnight. And before Joey took her home he stopped back by my room for me to see her. They were actually only gone for about 5 hours but, I think it would come close to being the worst 5 hours I have experienced since she was born. It's not right for them to send a child to a hospital and make her mother stay behind. I think that probably put more strain on my heart than the flu did.

So the emergency room doctor's at Texas Children's said that Hannah probably has asthma that is triggered at certain times of the year. I am seriously going to find her a new pediatrician because this is the second time that she has ended up at the hospital after being seen in and sent home from her pediatrician's office. Last year...she had the flu and the same kind of breathing problems. Ironically it was right about this time...maybe a few weeks later in the year. I don't necessarily want a doctor that just does whatever I think but, I know when something is wrong with my baby and I expect them to listen to me and not just brush it off as a cold. Did you know that a child is not considered to be running a high fever unless it is 105 or greater. Yeah, 105! I can't imagine that. Hannah's temp. got up to 102 and they said she was only running a moderate fever! The silliness! I feel like poo when my temp. gets to be 99.0 and they say 105! Absurdity! I'm sorry, that's just wrong. It doesn't make sense to me that my child has to be burning hot and miserable, not eating and listless before they consider doing something more than giving her dimetap! Anyway...that was a rant! But, it makes me mad that I had her in the doctor's office running fever on Friday and they said it was nothing really and then I had to take her to the emergency room on Sunday before they would do something. I want my co-pay back and I might call my insurance company and tell them not to pay because they didn't do what we went there for them to do. Anywhere else, I would have the right to demand a refund!!! O.k. I'll stop because I'm getting mad all over again. And this post is way too long already!

But...we are back home as of Tuesday and feeling much better. Hopefully back 100% very very soon!

Sorry 'bout the tangent but, I feel better having vented a little!

Thursday, February 02, 2006
The Great Restructurization

Commences tomorrow! Since Hannah has been sick, we have kind of let her get by with things we normally wouldn't. Plus with the rest of us sick and feeling horrible we haven't much felt like disciplining...just coping well enough to get by. Tomorrow that will change! Along with the temper tantrums, today Hannah began throwing things! And I consider her to be a pretty good little girl. Of course she does the regular things a two year old does and gets almost everything her little heart desires but, for the most part she is a pretty cooperative child. I've had it pretty easy...I think. And she seems to be doing much better today, health wise anyway. Her appetite has picked up a little and she isn't coughing near as much and no more fever! Yay!

She is awfully skinny now. Not eating for 3 days has a way of making a child very thin...as if she wasn't skinny enough to begin with. I'll be glad when she gets a little more meat on her little bones. She did have 2 pieces of birthday cake today...probably not the healthiest way to gain her weight back but, when your child hasn't eaten in a while, you're pretty much glad to see them put anything in their mouth! And...we did make her eat a half of a sandwich both times before she got the cake.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Well, all things considered I think Leigh Anne's birthday went pretty good. With us still sick, we didn't get to go out and celebrate but, I think we'll do that in a few days once everyone is o.k. enough to go out in public. Here are a few pictures of Hannah helping Leigh Anne celebrate.

Notice in this next picture Hannah's little finger digging out a sample of the icing.

Ahhhh, the sugar!

And finally, Hannah says, "Oh Prit-tee, I think I wear Leigh Anne's bwacwet!"

In all of the pictures of Hannah, I can see where she has lost weight over the last week. She is eating a little better but, I bet if I got her back on the scales she will be down a couple of pounds. Augh and she had just started eating really well. And...back to square one on potty training! Oh well, maybe she wont have too hard a time picking it back up. Well, I will post more later. Joey is going out of town tomorrow and he needs to go to Wal-Mart. Ahhhh...to breathe outside air! The smog here smells so wonderful! Even better than our stuffy sick house! It is good to get out of the house!! Even if it is just to Wal-Mart!

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