Wednesday, February 15, 2006
Bathtime Fun

An exciting day at our house!! We spent most of the day cleaning house. Fun, fun! For some reason though, it doesn't really look any cleaner. At 5:00 PM I was still in my slouchy clothes that I cleaned in and it looked as though I sat around and did nothing all day, didn't even shower 'til then! But, I worked hard today!

While I was cleaning today, Hannah played and found her swimming dog floatie in her room. And guess what...when she found it, she wanted me to blow it up. Big surprise there! Then after I blew it up, she wanted to take a shower with it! Huh? I guess she remembered that it went in the water! So tonight when she took her bath, the dog had a bath too! She was having a great time but, for some reason when I got the camera out she wasn't impressed. I guess I can't say that I would appreciate someone taking my picture while I was in the tub either!!

The funny thing Hannah said tonight as we drove home from church. I don't know what sparked this conversation but, we were asking Hannah if she was baptist. "Um, no." She said. "Are you catholic?" We asked. To which she replied "No, I Hannah!" As if to say, "come on silly, you know who I am!"

The funny thing Joey said today..."Hannah, you need to pick up your toys because they are all over the place and we are tired of stepping on them." Hannah's response, "No, you need to pick dem up!" "Hannah, you need to pick up your toys, I pick up my stuff and you need to pick up your stuff," Joey told her. Now at this I had to laugh because you see as Joey was saying this, I was looking at several things that he had pulled out or made a mess with and didn't pick up! One day she's going to call his bluff on this and say, "my socks are in the hamper, daddy, where are yours?"


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