Tuesday, February 21, 2006
Beauty Rest

Once again, Hannah in the make-up drawer. This time though, I was standing right there and just let her. Have you ever just let your kids do something just for the sake of not having to argue with them about it? Well, this evening was just one of those times for me. All day when Hannah would do something that I told her not to do she would say, "I just do it a lil' bit." Like the fact that she just turned Joey's computer off a lil' bit when he was right in the middle of something somehow made it o.k. Anyway, I didn't really care if she played with my make-up and we weren't going anywhere tonight...and heaven knows I loved to play with make-up when I was younger...oh yeah, I still like to play with make-up. It's funny to me that she knows where everything goes on her face. Mascara on the lashes, blush on the cheeks, powder on the nose etc. So here is the little doll, dolling it up for an evening of jumping in her jump house.

Here she is attempting to put on perfume. After trying with all her might to get the squirter down, she said, "you do it, mommy!" So I sprayed a little squirt on her neck and she said, "oh, what dat do?" "It makes you smell pretty," I told her. I left off the foo foo water part this time figuring I didn't want her going to her class at church telling everyone that she wore poo poo water the other night.

Tonight Hannah rode with my mom to get Whataburger for Leigh Anne and Hannah. She didn't have a nap all day and we knew that she would probably fall asleep in the car but, it was about 7:00 pm and I really didn't want her catching a nap so late in the evening. So I told my mom to just talk to her the whole time and maybe she would stay awake. My mom said that she talked to her for a little while and pretty soon Hannah said, "I not talk to you anymore, I doing to leep." Well, my mom kept talking hoping that she wouldn't go to "leep". But, when she looked in the mirror at Hannah, there she was fast asleep!

Blogger WyldJoker had this to say:

LOL!! atleast she announced thatshe wan't going to talk anymore.. One of our foster kids who is 2 also does the same thing. Given the change he'll sleep through a parade but he doesn't announce what he's doing. You could be talking to him one minute and then the next look over at him and he'll be snoring away.. ;-)


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