Sunday, February 12, 2006
A Few Of Hannah's Latest Cute Stories

Sorry there are no pictures tonight but, I need to go to Sam's (or anywhere really) and get some batteries for the digital camera! We are out! Maybe tomorrow. I hate not being able to take her picture although, she might enjoy the break! Anyway, on to the funny stories...

After church this morning we went to lunch with Joey's parents (MeMe & PaPa). And on the way somehow the issue of weight and needing to lose it and BMI's came up. While I wont divulge any numbers or names as to not embarrass anyone...including myself, we were talking about who's might be higher and one person in the car said, "mine is ridiculously and disgustingly high." Speaking of BMI's. And another said, "well, it couldn't possibly be as high or higher than mine!" "I don't know about that, mine is pretty high," the conversation continued. "Well, mine is ___!" said one. "Oh," said another with a slight amazement in their tone. At which everyone laughed! Then Hannah follows up with a slap to her forehead and an embarrassingly loud sigh like, "oh my goodness! Oooohhhhh, aaaawwwwww! I can't believe that!" Like she knows what a BMI is!!! She is too funny! Why we were tormenting ourselves by comparing BMI's is beyond me.

Sometimes when Hannah gets upset about something she will begin to cry and at first when she is "working it up" it sounds like someone trying to start a motorcycle or something. So my mom always asks her if she is trying to get her motor started. I've never really paid attention to her answer but, tonight the three of us (me, Joey and Hannah) went out to dinner with some friends and their baby ,Billy, after church. Billy is 7 months old and sat through most of dinner without fussing but, got kind of antsy toward the end. So I decided I would hold Billy while Amy, his mommy, finished her dinner. With Hannah in her booster seat next to me (in a booth of all things...dumb hostess!) and Billy sitting up on my shoulder, (well, not literally sitting on my know what I mean) Hannah could look at him and play with him easily. When Billy started getting fussy again Hannah says to him, "oh Biwwy, you twyin' to dit yer moto stawted?" How cute is that??

A few of you may remember the time that Hannah sneezed directly into Joey's mouth while we were watching America's Funniest Home Videos one night. Well, I shouldn't have laughed so quickly. The tables were turned on me tonight. As Hannah was getting ready to go to bed she went to give me a goodnight kiss...that for some reason she gives right on the lips. The instant our mouths came into contact she decided she needed to cough! Slobber and all! It's a good thing I love her!

Blogger WyldJoker had this to say:

She's a mess! And she's totally your daughter, Shawn! LOL


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