Thursday, February 02, 2006
The Great Restructurization

Commences tomorrow! Since Hannah has been sick, we have kind of let her get by with things we normally wouldn't. Plus with the rest of us sick and feeling horrible we haven't much felt like disciplining...just coping well enough to get by. Tomorrow that will change! Along with the temper tantrums, today Hannah began throwing things! And I consider her to be a pretty good little girl. Of course she does the regular things a two year old does and gets almost everything her little heart desires but, for the most part she is a pretty cooperative child. I've had it pretty easy...I think. And she seems to be doing much better today, health wise anyway. Her appetite has picked up a little and she isn't coughing near as much and no more fever! Yay!

She is awfully skinny now. Not eating for 3 days has a way of making a child very if she wasn't skinny enough to begin with. I'll be glad when she gets a little more meat on her little bones. She did have 2 pieces of birthday cake today...probably not the healthiest way to gain her weight back but, when your child hasn't eaten in a while, you're pretty much glad to see them put anything in their mouth! And...we did make her eat a half of a sandwich both times before she got the cake.


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