Tuesday, February 07, 2006
Her Phone Is Ringing Off The Wall!

Tonight as we left for dinner I realized that I had left my cell phone on the bed when Hannah and I took a nap. So, back in the house I go to get the phone in case Joey called while we were out. Upon returning to the car Hannah says, "oh, you dot my pone?" "No," I say, "I just got mine." "Oh, I wanted my pone...whah haah haah!" So after about a block of that, I turned the car around and decided it wasn't worth it to listen to that all night. We went back home and got her pretend cell phone. Then she was tired of holding the phone and decided she needed Maw Maw to hold it.

Later on the way home after stopping at Wal-Mart Hannah said, "oh, my pone ring, I need to answer it!" The conversation goes something like this..."hello Amber, how are you today? Oh, ah ha ha ha ha. Do you dow to tool today? Oh, dat dood. Otay, here Maw Maw, I lub you, bye." Maw Maw gets on the phone and "talks" to Amber. Then the process repeats with Aunt June, then with Lou, then Aunt Betty and so on. Until Maw Maw finally says, "tell Aunt Maxine that Maw Maw is tired and she'll call her back later!" So Hannah reports, "Oh, Maw Maw tired, she tall you later. Otay, I lub you, bye!" "Hello, Amy, how Biwwy (Billy) today? Oh, ah ha ha ha, you pway today and biwwy eat! Oh, you wanna talk to Maw Maw" And then Cindewewwa beeps in!

She did this the entire way home from Wal-Mart tonight! And to think I almost left home without her cell phone. What on earth would she have done all night if she hadn't had her phone. She would have missed so many calls!

In this picture Hannah is taking my picture on her "camera phone"! Tell me, where does she learn these things????

Alright, I know...I'm guilty! But, in my defense...I don't make my mom talk to everyone I talk to! I truly don' t know where she gets that from...maybe it's because we always make her talk to everyone that we talk to.

Daddy will be home tomorrow night! Yay, we sure miss him. Hannah has asked everyday since he left, "are Daddy toming home today?" "Where my Daddy?"


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