Saturday, February 11, 2006
I Dotta Bwy My Heir!

Hannah watches me dry my hair every morning and decided that today she, "dotta bwy her heir!" That was after she got out of the tub and insisted that she put some of Maw Maw's "lipitz" on. I think a lot of 2 year olds would not like the sound of the hairdryer and they certainly wouldn't want it blowing on their head. But...I've got a girly girl and she ain't afraid of no hairdryer! It's a necessity! I love to watch her do things that she has seen us do. And I love that she is so GIRLY! I was watching her walk across the room the other day and it cracked me up because she was so prissy with her hands on her hips and everything! I love the way she runs what else but, a girl!

On another note there is a down side to this potty training thing...which by the way if I haven't mentioned, Hannah has mastered! While I appreciate the fact that she is eager to wash her hands after each trip to the bathroom, I do not appreciate that if I am not watching her wash her hands, the entire bathroom gets washed! Wow, I never realized how quickly a 2 year old can drown the bathroom with water that comes out of the sink!!! On the flip side of that, our bathroom rug gets washed more often and the sink gets wiped off more often as well! We love being 2. I really do mean that! On that note, I should go check on her, she is entirely too quiet! Kinda makes me nervous, does it you?


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