Wednesday, February 22, 2006
I Mokin'

It seems in addition to making her bounce off the walls, another side effect of the steroids Hannah is taking is non stop talking. It doesn't matter if someone else is trying to talk...Hannah has had some important things to say today...all day! My ears are tired, have you ever had that feeling? I love her sweet little voice but, I need some peace and quiet now. Tomorrow I may invest in some ear plugs! Tonight I tried to explain to her that part of a conversation is that you stop talking part of the time and listen to what the person you are talking with has to say! I don't think she got it because she just kept talking.

In the past Joey and I have had conversations with Hannah about smoking. How it is gross and that she shouldn't ever smoke anything. Why we would think that a two year old would understand this, I don't know but, maybe if we drill it into her that smoking is bad for her and gross, she will never want to do it. Since we've had these conversations, I don't know why Hannah would refer to her breathing treatments as "mokin'" but, when she is doing a breathing treatment she always says, "look, I mokin'!" And though the expression on her face in the picture isn't the one she always has when she's doing the treatments, maybe she will find "mokin'" awful enough that she wont want to do it in the future! She has just had a bath in these pictures which explains the no clothes and wild hair do!


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