Friday, February 17, 2006
I Wish They Made Time Out For Grown Ups!

No, I'm not speaking of time out for Joey! He has behaved himself pretty well lately. Hannah on the other hand had a terrific two day today! I think for the most part she is pretty well behaved but, she definitely has her moments! Today it seemed as though I was beating my head against the wall to get her to do anything I needed or wanted her to do. I decided a new approach to discipline was in order. She went to time out! And guess didn't work the way it was supposed to. I asked her if she was having fun in time out because she didn't seem bothered at all by the fact that she was there. "Umhum!" she replies. "Don't you wish you could play with your toys or something?" I asked because I wanted her to realize that maybe time out wasn't such a great place to be. She said, "but, I want to." "Oh, I wish you could too but, you're in time out so you can't right now," I told her. Now I know it sounds like I'm being mean to her and taunting her at this point but, I wasn't...she clearly wasn't getting the point of time out and I wanted her to understand that being there it isn't a good thing. But, it was a game for her! "So, are you having fun in time out," I asked. She says, "yes, I am." Well, after a few minutes of this I told her she could get out now but, that if she didn't want to be in time out where she couldn't play with her toys, then she needed to mind me. "Otay," she says as she gets down. "Now it time to dow back to time out," as she climbs back up and perches on the designated bench. What went wrong there?? I guess time out isn't the punishment for Hannah as she seems to get a kick out of it and wants to go back there as soon as permission is granted to get up! Which got me thinking...time out isn't punishment...I would love to go to time out!!! Leave me there all weekend!

Blogger onemotherslove had this to say:

I have a nephew that enjoyed his first trip to in-school suspension! That is until he got home! : ) Meanwhile, his big brother's friends thought that he was cool - a second grader that got sent to SAC! (His offense? Talking without ceasing!) ((which he still does))


Blogger WyldJoker had this to say:

We have the same problem with the 2 year old. We don't neccessarily have a "time out bench: as you do we have to resort with having them stand and face the wall while we go about our business in front of him. I imagine that as he gets older time outs will be more effective, that is if they are maintained as the primary form of punishment after he leaves our care. With Anna though she has always hated it and still does as that's all we can use since we are a foster home.


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