Tuesday, February 28, 2006
Let Out Of Her Cage

No pictures tonight...I've got something better. I mentioned before that my new kewl phone takes video and I found a website that will support the file type that it takes it in...which is some strange file type...and it will let me upload up to a gigabyte of videos...for free! I wouldn't walk around all the time with a corny video camera glued to my face but, I'll take videos on my phone! I love my phone!

Anyway, I think Hannah felt as if she had been let out of her cage tonight. Other than going to church yesterday morning, she hasn't been anywhere in several days because I was trying to keep her inside. I was hoping that maybe she would quit some of this coughing thing she has started. She is getting better slowly but, I will be glad when everyone in this house gets well and stays well. So we went to eat (by the way...Hannah ate 4 chicken nuggets and almost a whole corn dog...little piggy) tonight and then to Target. Have I mentioned that we love Target? Click on the link below to see Hannah on the way to Target. Now Target is just around the corner from where we ate and my phone will only record 15 second video clips at a time but, Hannah talked the entire way from James Coney Island to Target just like she is in the video. And even though it was just around the corner it seemed like a long time to me because she talked like that without hardly stopping to come up for air! Then when we got into Target she went nuts. We decided to let her walk because they were about to close and there weren't that many people in there so I wasn't as worried about someone snatching her. Plus it was fun to watch her be so excited and I didn't feel like force feeding her to the shopping cart in the 15 minutes that they were going to remain open. When we got to the toy department she found this little turtle riding toy that was on wheels and she rode that thing all the way around the toy department. I couldn't get her off of it...until they started turning the lights off in the store! I guess that (the lights getting turned off while she was in the store) has never happend to her because she had a funny look on her face like, uh oh, we better dit out a here, dey turnin' de lights opf!

Another amazing thing that happened was that we managed to get out of Target with out spending a dime! Yes, you should be proud of us! That is a rare occasion!

Click here to see Hannah on the way to Target.

Anonymous Anonymous had this to say:

Sounds like yall had a GREAT time! I wish i could of seen Hannah flying off the walls, but for some reason it won't play/download when I clicked your link.


Anonymous Anonymous had this to say:

LOVE the video! Keep them coming. Goodness, she's cute! Carol Anne


Anonymous Anonymous had this to say:

Finally saw the video! what a crackup! She's a natural talker alright! lol.


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