Saturday, February 25, 2006
Monkey See, Monkey Do

Not to worry, Hannah didn't really hurt her foot. But, she insisted that she have a bandage on her foot because it was hurting. I cut my finger this afternoon when I was cleaning a sharp knife. My finger just kept bleeding and bleeding. So I ended up putting gauze and medical tape on it because a band-aid just wasn't cutting pun intended. After that Hannah stepped on something in the kitchen (o.k. so, we need to sweep the floor) and she felt that a bandage was appropriate for her foot as well! Have I mentioned that she is so cute.

So we are on day 5 of the breathing treatments and we have officially resorted to bribery. No...not a sucker or sticker...Hannah has moved up in the ranks and is now demanding moo-lah! She is collecting quarters for a new toy at Toyz a Us!

Just to give Joey a hard time (isn't that my job?) I told her when she went to the potty that she had done a great job and the she should go ask her daddy for a dollar. Which she did...happily of course! But, all he had was a quarter and when she asked for a dollar, he said, "o.k." and handed her the quarter. To which she says, "no, daddy, a daw-yer!" She wouldn't even take the quarter until he promised that he would get three more to give her and that would make a dollar. Have I mentioned that she is smart? Cute and smart, tall and slender...what more could a girl want??


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