Monday, February 13, 2006
One Little Monkey Jumping On The Bed...

Well, it has been one of those days! Where nothing went right and everything went wrong. By 5:00 this evening I was in tears...literally! The morning started out seemingly o.k. but, quickly went south. Seems like we spent the entire day busy, busy, busy and accomplished nothing and my grilled chicken sandwich from McDonalds had a hair on it!! Aaaauuuugh...I'm still grossed out by that...I had already eaten half of it!!! I took a bite and there it was sticking out from the rest of the sandwich, waving hello to me! Aaaaghhh! Next time I go there I will ask for a grilled chicken sandwich hold the hair please! Yes, it is sick! You know what? Forget it, I just decided I'm not getting any more grilled chicken sandwiches from McHairalds! In fact, I don't think I will be going back to that place! Bllaaaaaaahhhh! Aaaaawwww! I don't feel so well!

And...I still don't have any batteries for the camera so...still no pics. Oh well, it will give you something to look forward to tomorrow. Hopefully I will get some bat-trees.

One good thing did happen...I got an extra kewl, new cell phone today. It takes video...imagine that! Who would'a thunk it?? A week or so ago Joey put my cell phone on top of my towels while I was in the tub and when I reached for one, into the tub my phone went. It really kind of scared me because the flash on the camera part of it started going off like crazy!!! The last thing I need is pictures of me in the tub (gag!) being short circuited to the internet from my handy camera phone!!! Can't you see the headlines...Minister's Wife Sends Bathtub Pics To The WWWeb! Well, fortunately for everyone, it wasn't taking pictures or sending them to the internet. So ever since then my phone has worked well enough to get me by. But, it wasn't working great so I decided I wanted a new one. Did you know that Verizon charges $10 to transfer your phone book from one phone to another! How absurd! I'll do it myself and keep my $10, thank you very much. And...the man at the Verizon store said that it does cost 25 cents everytime I send a picture from my phone to the PIX Place! owe me some moo-lah, bud! You said it was free!! That's the last time I listen to you...are you in cahoots with Verizon??? Ha ha ha! I'll let it slide this time!

So anyway blah blah blah about that, what did Hannah do today? She played with my new phone, rode around in the car all day, ate a ton at dinner (not macaroni & cheese either) and didn't have one accident in her big girl pants! Oh yeah, she also almost gave herself a concussion and us a heart attack by jumping and falling off of the bed!! That was our a nutshell!

Blogger WyldJoker had this to say:

Sorry about the camera pictures thing. I can do it for free thru Cingular. ;-)

Your day sounded like how one of my tuesdays went a couple weeks ago. I was SO glad I was able to put that day behind me :-)


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