Friday, February 03, 2006
Our Emergency Room/Hospital Experience

Warning...warning...warning...warning! Long ranting post ahead!

Well, as most of you know we went to the emergency room Sunday afternoon. Joey took both me and Hannah in to let them look us over. In the picture, Hannah is receiving a breathing treatment. I tested positive for the flu but, Hannah's test came back negative so they said she probably just had a real bad case of bronchitis. Which later the doctor said that she may really have the flu and for whatever reason the test just came back negative. They had both of us in the same room in the emergency room but, as the evening wore on, they knew they were going to admit me and thought it best to send Hannah across the street to Texas Children's Hospital as we were at St. Luke's and they don't have pediatrics at St. Luke's. The horror! Here I was stuck and they were wheeling Hannah across the street to another hospital. She was fine because her daddy was with her. I, on the other hand, was not because my daughter was being taken to another hospital without me! I couldn't even go be with my sick baby when she was going to another hospital. I think that was one of the worst things I have ever endured. Second only to the two times while I was pregnant with her and thought we might lose her. I tried to think of all the ways that I could get out of there and believe me, if I had thought I could actually make it across the street without passing out or getting tackled by someone in my family, I would have in a second. I would have taken my own I.V. out and removed the heart monitors myself. And once I finally got to my room, I imagined every way that I could get across that street. I would unhook my I.V., find a wheelchair close by (because they are everywhere in the hospital) and wheel myself over. I could see her hospital from my window and I would have been back before the nurses ever realized what had happened. I didn't like that nurse anyway (she was quite the rude one) what did I care if I made her mad?

I begged them to make an exception and either take Hannah at St. Luke's or me at Texas Children's. As if it would kill the doctors to walk the short distance (not even really across the street, more like across a driveway) between the two hospitals to see us. They wouldn't do it. So off to Texas Children's Joey and Hannah went. I didn't even have a way to get in touch with them. Joey had his cell phone but, they don't work well in the hospitals and the emergency room (which is where I stayed a good bit of the time) didn't have a direct line for him to call me.

Finally in my room I was able to give him a direct number for me but, he didn't call every 5 seconds like I expected him to. In fact I would have just preferred him to stay on the phone with me the entire time. Anyway, he said that as soon as they left and got over to Texas Children's, Hannah perked up. They had given her a steroid in the emergency room at St. Luke's and she was feelin' dandy!

Thankfully, once she was seen in the emergency room at Texas Children's they didn't think she needed to stay there overnight. And before Joey took her home he stopped back by my room for me to see her. They were actually only gone for about 5 hours but, I think it would come close to being the worst 5 hours I have experienced since she was born. It's not right for them to send a child to a hospital and make her mother stay behind. I think that probably put more strain on my heart than the flu did.

So the emergency room doctor's at Texas Children's said that Hannah probably has asthma that is triggered at certain times of the year. I am seriously going to find her a new pediatrician because this is the second time that she has ended up at the hospital after being seen in and sent home from her pediatrician's office. Last year...she had the flu and the same kind of breathing problems. Ironically it was right about this time...maybe a few weeks later in the year. I don't necessarily want a doctor that just does whatever I think but, I know when something is wrong with my baby and I expect them to listen to me and not just brush it off as a cold. Did you know that a child is not considered to be running a high fever unless it is 105 or greater. Yeah, 105! I can't imagine that. Hannah's temp. got up to 102 and they said she was only running a moderate fever! The silliness! I feel like poo when my temp. gets to be 99.0 and they say 105! Absurdity! I'm sorry, that's just wrong. It doesn't make sense to me that my child has to be burning hot and miserable, not eating and listless before they consider doing something more than giving her dimetap! Anyway...that was a rant! But, it makes me mad that I had her in the doctor's office running fever on Friday and they said it was nothing really and then I had to take her to the emergency room on Sunday before they would do something. I want my co-pay back and I might call my insurance company and tell them not to pay because they didn't do what we went there for them to do. Anywhere else, I would have the right to demand a refund!!! O.k. I'll stop because I'm getting mad all over again. And this post is way too long already!

But...we are back home as of Tuesday and feeling much better. Hopefully back 100% very very soon!

Sorry 'bout the tangent but, I feel better having vented a little!

Blogger WyldJoker had this to say:

Get better soon. The both of ya's! Don't appologize for the rant and raves. You're a parent and you're entitled! ;-)


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