Thursday, February 16, 2006
Paging Dr. Hannah

The doctor is in. Tonight after dinner we went to our (well, mine and Hannah's) favorite store. Intending to go in and just look around because we were bored, we came out spending $78. How does that happen? It's even worse at Wal-Mart. What did we buy anyway??? I don't have a faint clue! Oh yeah, Hannah had to get a toy. And since we don't want her to be spoiled or anything we limited her to one toy. Which for some reason she picked one that cost almost $20. Someday she will understand the concept of $$ and I can tell her she has $5 or something like that to spend. Doesn't quite work that way when they're 2 1/2!

So she decided on the vet's kit complete with stethoscope, thermometer and shot. Now Joey and I have both had our shots and our hearts sound "dood"! Oh and we each got a dose of whatever medicine is in that thermometer thing. The kit also came with some plastic tweezers. Why??? She says to me as I laid on the floor being doctored, "pinchy, pinchy, pinchy...I pinch you!" Why??? And where did she learn the word pinch? And how does she know that tweezers pinch?

Last night I got into the car to go to church and told everyone else that I was sorry that my perfume was probably kind of strong because I had just sprayed it. I asked Hannah, "does mommy stink, does she smell like foo foo water?" Her response..."no, you don't smell like poo poo water, dat bross!"


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