Sunday, February 05, 2006
Playing House With Hannah & Congratulations, Brien & Cindy!

First, I want to take this chance to say congrats to my cousin Cindy and her husband Brien. They are the proud new parents of a little boy that came to live with them today! And...they get to pick up his newborn sister in a few days from the hospital! I couldn't be happier for y'all, Brien & Cindy. Congratulations on your new little family. You can bring the kids over to play with Hannah anytime you'd like! She will love having new cousins to play with! Cindy, I wanted so bad to go buy him something today and I was thinking finger paints, play dough or something really messy like that. Ooo, maybe a Snoopy Sno Cone Machine...what do you think?? Seriously though, I can't wait to meet your babies! Everyone should pray for them as they all make the adjustment to their new family!

Last night Hannah made me a wonderful "midnight snack". Since coming home from the hospital our schedule has been a little out of whack and Hannah has been staying up a little bit later than usual. She is asleep already tonight but, last night at about midnight she wanted me to play with her kitchen stuff with her. She set the table complete with two plates and two cups. We had plastic hotdogs, a plastic cheese sandwich, a plastic cookie to share and one plastic egg. She would say, "I donna fwip it in de air! I fwip it!" Then she would pop out laughing as the egg flew through the air! The egg by the way ended up on the floor as she was flipping it. To which she says, "oh, dat not dirty, it otay!" She watches me make eggs for her for breakfast a lot of mornings and she sees me flip her egg in the air from the pan...yes, I can and I am quite the proud one of that! I will show you if you ever come to my house and I make eggs for you to eat!

We had ketchup to drink and I must say, it was delicious! She stirred it and everything! She seemed to enjoy putting pretend ketchup on everything. My cheese sandwich, cookie, hotdog and in my drink. She said, "you like tatchup, mommy!" So, apparently I like ketchup! And...we had to blow everything we ate "tause it hot, we dotta bwow it like dis...pffwwwuuaaahhhh" As she spits all over the plastic food! No germs there!!! I did have fun with her. It's funny how much fun a silly thing like playing kitchen is when you're doing it with your own kids! I love playing with her and should do it more often! They grow way too fast! It amazes me how much she learns and does every single day!

Blogger QueenBee had this to say:

awww! Thanks, Shawn. I'm just now reading this. We're having a ball but we're exhausted! Tina brought LOTS of REALLY LOUD toys today so no worries.


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