Wednesday, February 08, 2006
Sorry In Advance...

...if this offends you. And please, do not try to envision this. But, a funny thing happened today that I must tell about. Hannah got a lesson in life. Today I had to go do some lab work for a doctor's visit tomorrow. And...being that I am going to the kidney doctor well, one of the tests that the doctor frequently requests is one that requires a...ahem...sample, if you will. Now normally when I have to do this sort of thing Hannah waits in the waiting room with Joey or in the car with him. It is just easier that way. But, Joey will not be home from Florida until tonight and since my doctor's appointment is tomorrow I had no choice but to take her with me this time. So into the restroom we go where they have a nice little supply of sterile cups sitting on the shelf right above the toilet. In perfect reach of a two year old. I guess they figure that not many two year olds will be in there. I'm sure they could hear us outside because those little restrooms are never sound proof! Hannah immediately reaches for one of the cups with a bright yellow (of all colors) lid. "No, no, no leave those alone sweetie," I say trying to catch her before she opens it and contaminates it. Fortunately, I saved the cup! Now of course, she wants to know "what dat por?" "It's just a cup," I said. "Oh," she said. Seeming satisfied with that answer she proceeds to tell me that it's her turn to potty first. And...since we are doing so well with the potty training thing...I agreed. So, she goes to the potty and now it is my turn. Now you try explaining to a two year old why you are peeing in one of the cups that was sitting on the shelf!!! it loud enough for her to hear (because by now she has the water running to wash her hands) but, quiet enough for the people who are outside not to hear! Now my hope is that she doesn't decide to try it! Maybe she has forgotten about the whole incident...knowing my luck, I highly doubt it!

Blogger WyldJoker had this to say:

She won't forget. The topic will come back to highligh when you least expect it. Like say dinner time or while your spending time with family. Anna learned about peeing in a cup a couple months ago because she had an urinary tract infection. Needless to say that's something Nicole handled and I'm glad she did. Can't you imagine me at the doctor's office trying to get my 4 year old to pee in a cup?


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