Sunday, February 19, 2006
Whoa, I Scare Myself!

I feel so high tech right now, it's downright disturbing! I took this picture on my cell phone! Whooptie do, you say? Well, I got it on my computer without going to Verizon's Pix Place and uploading it from my phone then downloading it from their website and uploading it back to this website! Yeah, I bought a SanDisk thingie. And...I actually got it to work on the first try! No more 25 cent charges for me, thank you! My new kewl phone has a place to put this SanDisk memory card and you can save pictures to it just like you would a regular disk. Then you put the SanDisk into a drive (which I installed on the computer...aaaahhh!) and it's just like a floppy! Amazing! And even though Hannah moved when I took this picture, the camera takes pretty decent pictures. Did I mention that it also does video???

Hannah is tired of me takin' her picture? Watch out baby, I'm packin' heat now!!

Anonymous Nicole had this to say:

YEAH Shawn! Glad you found something to save you some money and still get those FUN pictures! :-)


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